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Barolo del Piemonte: Wine of Kings, King of Wines

J.M. Towers

The wines from Barolo, denomination of origin, produced in Northeast Italy from the nabbiolo grape variety, are considered among the world's best for their aroma, longevity and elegance.

Piedmont is one of the most extensive Italian wine regions. Located near the Alps, it is the birthplace of Italy’s Savoy dynasty. Although Piedmont produces a great variety of wines, the ones known as Barolo top the list of Northern Italian viticulture. Made with nebbiolo grapes, many oenologists place them among the best red wines in the world. Floral aromas, longevity and elegance, are three ever-present qualities in the wines from this region. Barolo is often defined as the “wine of kings, and the king of wines”.The area where they are produced includes several Piedmont municipalities. One is Barolo, the small town that gives its name to the appellation of origin and the area where the largest number of renowned wineries are concentrated.

Here, a list of four outstanding Barolo wines that should be part of your personal cellar.
Barolo Riserva Bricco Boschis Vigna San Giuseppe 2005
WINERY: Cavalotto // GRAPES: 100% nebbiolo // APELLATION: Barolo

Wines of Barolo

This great wine is aged for five years in Slovenian oak barrels and should rest at least a year in the bottle before being sold. With a great structure, elegance and complexity, it is highly aromatic, fruity and floral, the perfect complement to red meats, grilled fish, ripened cheeses and chocolate.
Aeroplan Servaj Barolo 2007
WINERY: Domenico Clerico // GRAPES: 100% nebbiolo // APELLATION: Barolo

Wines of Barolo

The name of the wine— which means “crazy airplane” in Piedmontese dialect—is the fun nickname used by Domenico Clerico, owner of the famous winery, to refer to his mischievous son. Servaj Aeroplan is a wine full of nuances, rich and well balanced. It is sensual and appealing with aromas of berries, flowers and spices, and in the mouth, it is tasty, with hints of red fruits, a touch of vanilla from the barrel, and a floral feel makes this an irresistible wine.
Barolo DOCG Bricco delle Viole 2008
WINERY: G.D. Vajra // GRAPES: 100% nebbiolo // APELLATION: Barolo

Wines of Barolo

Bricco delle Viole is the name of the vineyard whose grape strains produce this superlative wine. With an intense ruby red color, it offers subtle aromatic notes of cherries, plums, violets and dried roses, with citric and balsamic nuances. Its noble taste and elegance are well appreciated in the mouth.
Barolo Gavarini Chiniera 2007
WINERY: Elio Grasso // GRAPES: 100% nebbiolo // APELLATION: Barolo

Wines of Barolo

This noble wine is full of freshness and vitality. Its color is dark ruby, and closer to the nose; one perceives notes of ripe cherries, wild strawberries and minerals. On the palate, it becomes a delightfully fruity event. It is a high quality wine that should be decanted to delight in its many virtues.  ■

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