Reds From The Douro: Portuguese Wines With Great Character And Personality

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The red wines from Portugal's Douro Valley are produced mostly with a mixture of local grapes, which give them great complexity and depth. Learn more about these delicious wines here!

The Douro region is located in the northeast of Portugal, in the Douro River basin. It is an area protected by mountains that offer suitable climatic conditions for the development of an important wine industry which produces wines that seduce and surprise worldwide. International recognized Port Wines.

The red wines with Douro Designation of Origin are made from indigenous grapes such as touriga nacional, touriga franca, roriz red, baroque and red cão. The vast majority of wines come from a blend of several types of grapes, with an unmatched complexity and richness. These are some of the best wines from the Douro.

CV Curriculum Vitae 2010
WINERY: Quinta Vale D. Maria // GRAPES: touriga nacional

Douro Wine

The touriga nacional grape used to produce this excellent red wine is harvested from over 80 year old vines. With a dark red color with violet hues, its aroma is reminiscent of very ripe cherries and plums, black chocolate and spices such as cloves and vanilla, with strong mineral notes. In the mouth is fleshy— you can almost chew it— with a long, creamy and persistent palate: a wine that leaves a mark.

Meandro do Vale Meão 2008
WINERY: Quinta do Vale Meão // GRAPES: touriga nacional, touriga franca, tinta roriz, sousão, tinta amárela, Cão
ZONE: Vila Nova de Foz Côa // DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN: Douro

Douro Wine

With a ripe cherry color, closer to the nose it presents hints of wild flowers, licorice, red plums, toasted oak and milk chocolate. In the mouth it is tasty, with very ripe fruit flavor, like blueberries, blackberries and cherries. Having aged in oak barrels it has the characteristic hints of vanilla and chocolate. It is a balanced and very expressive wine with good body. It has a delightful finish, with excellent persistence spices like cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Quinta do Vallado Reserva Adelaide 2009
WINERY: Quinta do Vallado // GRAPES: touriga franca, tinta roriz, tinta amárela
ZONE: Vilarinho dos Freires // DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN: Douro

Douro Wine

This renowned wine is made from the best grapes harvested from over 90 years old vines. Its color is dark red with crimson reflections and balsamic aromas of oak, figs, plums and hints of tobacco. In the palate it shows great structure and balance. Mineral notes mingle perfectly with the fruity flavors, resulting in a balanced, expressive and really complex finish.

Passadouro Tinto 2011
WINERY: Quinta do Passadouro // GRAPES: touriga franca, tinta roriz, touriga nacional

Douro Wine

With an intense red color with violet tones, the Passadouro Tinto 2011 features elegant and balanced aromas of ripe blackberries, plums, spices, and a touch of minerals. In the palate it is soft and balanced, with silky tannins and a pleasant acidity. It has a long finish and overall it is a wine that stands out for its distinction and kindness, perfect to accompany a good Argentine roast or blue cheese.

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