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The Ledbury, A Restaurant To Remember In Notting Hill, London

J.M. Towers

With two Michelin Stars and skillfully led by Chef Brett Graham it ranks tenth in the world according to Food & Wine Magazine.

London has one of the most exciting dining scenes in the world, with sophisticated and luxurious restaurants that deserve high praise for their cuisine, elegance and good taste. One of them is The Ledbury, located in the cosmopolitan neighborhood of Notting Hill. With two Michelin stars, this outstanding restaurant ranks tenth in the world according to the annual list of the prestigious Food & Wine magazine.

The Ledbury

In charge of the kitchen at The Ledbury is Brett Graham, an Australian chef who began his career when he was only fifteen years old, working in a small seafood restaurant in Newcastle, Australia. Graham is friendly and discreet, and his passion for quality has led him to create a culinary style in which local products are essential.

He works tirelessly to find the best ingredients produced in the UK, through a network of suppliers that provide him vegetables, herbs, roots and the finest spices, as well as the tasty smoked eel, Scottish salmon, fine lamb from Cumbria and selected–non pasteurized– raw milk cheeses produced in small farms in the country. See here our restaurant selection from all over the world.

The Ledbury

But the chef does not shy away from international delicacies such as foie gras, turnips brought from Tokyo, Italian black truffles, Bresse chicken and the best French oysters. Additionally, the restaurant boasts a memorable wine list that includes the world’s most famous appellations of origin, as well as excellent beers from Australia, United States and England. And of course, an impressive assortment of exceptional champagnes.

Chef Graham’s gastronomic approach is informed by the best French cuisine combined with British accents and some influence from the Pacific Rim. However, the restaurant owes it success to a highly acclaimed team of experts, which includes James Petrie, former creative director of the Fat Duck restaurant and head chef Greg Austin. His superb team are what helped The Ledbury to become a place one can return again and again without fear of boredom or repetition.

The Ledbury

In the beautiful dining room clear tones predominate, and the general ambiance is bright and elegant, with excellent service provided by very well trained and extremely friendly staff. It is a favorite meeting place for regular customers and guests from around the world.

The Ledbury is a restaurant where the most demanding gourmands can enjoy cuisine born of the commitment and effort of one of the most talented chefs in Europe: Brett Graham.

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