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Strawberry and Raspberry Wedding Sorbet

Chef Fabio Morisi

Learn how to make a refreshing sorbet at home with natural products. An easy recipe from azure azure.com's in house chef, Fabio Morisi.

Strawberry and Raspberry Wedding Sorbet

Origin:Fabio Morisi
Difficulty: Easy
Operating Temperature: 65 degrees F
Time: 45 minutes

Strawberry and Raspberry Wedding Sorbet

Ingredients (6 people)
Fresh strawberries: 9 oz.
Fresh raspberries: 9 oz.
Water: 20 oz.
Dextrose sugar: 2 oz.
Sugar: 15 oz.
Stabilizer: 0.1 oz.

In a deep pot, mix water, dextrose and sugar. Heat to 113 degrees F. Add the stabilizer to finish the mix. Chill as soon as possible at 39 degrees F. Add the chopped strawberries and raspberries. Let the mixture rest for 6 hours. Put in the ice cream machine and serve in an hour. Beware, this could be addictive.

Once Upon a Time
From 2003 to 2007, I had a small ice cream shop in Madrid, a sweet dream in my culinary career. I have to admit that this sorbet was my all-time favorite. Ciao!  ■

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