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Restaurants In Seville: The Grace Of Andalusian Cuisine

J.M. Towers

Casa Manolo Leon, Oriza, and San Fernando restaurants offer the best Andalusian cuisine, which follows the parameters of the genuine "Mediterranean diet".

Seville is a mythical place. The cradle of great artists and flamenco music, it embodies the cultural essence of the south of Spain. It is a city full of beautiful churches, bustling squares and cheerful and friendly people, given to outdoors celebrations and parties.

If you want to experience the best Andalusian cuisine, which follows the rules of the genuine “Mediterranean diet”, we have a few recommendations. Casa Manolo Leon, Oriza, and San Fernando are three exceptional restaurants that will make you cheer: Olé!

Casa Manolo León
Calle Guadalquivir, 8

Where To Eat In Seville

This restaurant is located in the San Lorenzo district; an area filled with stately homes and ancient palaces. Casa Manolo Leon is set in an old Sevillian house with a typical Andalusian courtyard with its distinctive orange trees, a fountain and various potted plants. It is a space where you can enjoy the magic of the Andalusian night in a truly welcoming atmosphere. Casa Manolo Leon has four dining rooms spread over two floors, all tastefully decorated with antique furnishings and Andalusian motifs. The kitchen is under the baton of Jose Mateo, who is committed to an avant-garde Andalusian cuisine using noble and lush raw materials. You should not miss the beans with clams, the slow cooked lamb or the sauteed octopus. With a vast and promising wine list, it is a place to experience Seville with intensity and joy. Visit our international restaurant reviews.

Restaurante Oriza
Calle San Fernando, 41

Where To Eat In Seville

Oriza stands out for its elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. For over 25 years, the restaurant has occupied a strategic place in Seville—at the crossroads of La Giralda, the city’s most popular tourist area. You will find it across from the famous Murillo Gardens, within walking distance of the Lope de Vega Theater, along the walls of the Reales Alcázares. Oriza is a bright and expansive mansion dating from 1926. It offers spacious lounges and private rooms as well as a large terrace. Its culinary proposal is haute cuisine, which is evident in delicacies such as their beef tenderloin with natural foie gras, gazpacho with oysters and Iberian ham, or the delicious lobster salad with truffle vinaigrette. The ideal way to enjoy these exceptional dishes pairing them with the appropriate wines suggested by the sommelier.

Restaurante San Fernando
San Fernando, 2

Where To Eat In Seville

Inside one of the most beautiful luxury hotels in Spain, the Alfonso XIII, we find an impressive central Andalusian-style gallery, the admirable space that houses San Fernando restaurant. The culinary delights are especially enjoyable when taken in the hotel’s dreamy central courtyard flanked by Corinthian columns upon which rest elegant marble Moorish arches. Lunches and dinners gain refinement with a menu that reinterprets the typical Spanish dishes adding a modern twist. Among the most commended delicacies: the King Alfonso XIII warm salad with prawns and quail marinated in chardonnay. Another dish not to be missed is the exquisite sirloin Wellington, a variation of the famous beef Wellington and a favorite dish of King Alfonso XIII, grandfather of the King of Spain Felipe VI.

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