Champagne: An Extraordinary Culinary Experience Beyond The Bubbles

J.M. Towers

The French region of Champagne, known for its bubbly, is also home to fabulous modern cuisine. We present three of its best Michelin-starred restaurants.

The Champagne region in the French northeast is well known for wineries that produce the famous bubbly, and is highly regarded for its picturesque villages immersed in an undulating landscape dotted by ancient vineyards. But it also stands out for its attractive gastronomic flavors, since you may find in this area some of the most famous restaurants in France. Many of them awarded with stars by the prestigious Michelin Guide.

Below we feature three of the best restaurants in Champagne, a region where dining becomes a sublime experience.

Le Royal Champagne
Bellevue, 51160 Champillon-Épernay

Restaurants in Champagne

This famous restaurant, nestled in a former coaching inn, is located in the Reims Mountains, with views of Epernay, the Marne Valley and its vineyards. The legendary hotel was one of Emperor Napoleon‘s favorite stops on his visits to Champagne. The restaurant´s cellar has over 280 varieties with exceptional brut and rosé vintages. The Chef Franck Tampin and his team offer very creative French gastronomy, in which respect for fresh ingredients is essential. Awarded a Michelin star, Le Royal Champagne offers a tasting menu titled Napoleon, which costs $150 per guest and includes the terrine of foie gras de Canard (duck), a favorite of the Emperor.

Les Berceaux
13, rue des Berceaux, Épernay

Restaurants in Champagne

Chef Patrick Michelon, awarded a Michelin star, turns everything he touches into culinary art. His kitchen becomes an art display, solidly anchored in the roots and traditions of the Champagne region. In this beautiful environment, the lovely flavors, constantly renewed with the seasons, are part of his culinary proposal. The menu reflects a particular understanding between French haute cuisine and respect for the products that come from land and sea. Diners should not miss the Cassolette Crème d’Escargots au Persil (snails casserole with parsley cream), and for those with a sweet tooth nothing can beat the Macaron aux Gariguettes, a glorious dessert fit for a French king.

La Maison du Vigneron
Route Départementale 951, 51160 Saint-Imoges

Restaurants in Champagne

This restaurant features natural and excellent cuisine in harmony with its extraordinary setting. Gourmands usually define this sublime experience as the fête des sens (the feast of the senses). La Maison du Vigneron is an oasis of sophistication thanks to the expert hands of young chef Stephan Chaventré, a kind of alchemist who is able to create subtle flavors and pairings, offering diners the aromas and richness of the land that awakens the senses. His salmon and foie are highly recommended, and the champagne list is legendary for its variety and quality.

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