Exceptional Cuisine: Quique Dacosta Restaurant

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Discover Quique Dacosta Restaurant, a restaurant that has captured the interest of patrons looking for new gastronomic experiences, by the hand of one of Spain's best chefs.

 Chef Quique Dacosta is considered one of the best chefs in the current Spanish dining scene (Other Spanish Chefs Carmen Ruscadella, Andoni Luis Anduriz, Juan Manri Arzak, Ferran Adria or Roca Brothers). The restaurant that bears his name is located in the Mediterranean resort of Denia on the Costa Blanca.
Quique Dacosta Restaurant
Quique Dacosta Restaurant

Dacosta was bestowed the 2005 National Gastronomy Award as best Chef in Spain, and his restaurant, which boasts three Michelin stars, has earned other major awards, including one from Food & Wine Magazine, recognizing it as one of the top 10 restaurants in the world. Additionally, the Opinionated About Dinning list selected it as the third best restaurant in Europe in 2014; Quique Dacosta Restaurant currently ranks number 41 in this year’s San Pellegrino list of the top fifty restaurants in the world.

Quique Dacosta Restaurant
Quique Dacosta Restaurant

Dacosta is a rebel and nonconformist, always willing to reinvent himself and give a novel twist to his cuisine. The high level of quality reached by the restaurant has turned it into a pilgrimage site for sybarites and fans of avant-garde world gastronomy.

The Spanish chef has transformed the cuisine of his restaurant through a personal challenge, expressing his feelings and commitment through unique dishes, praised for their imaginative imprint both in Spain and abroad.

Dacosta’s cuisine focuses on the ecosystem and on the product itself to reach a critical point without the need to use too many ingredients in a dish. His simplicity and his essence are quite Mediterranean. “The Mediterranean is more than a diet, more than a sea, with all that it represents,” says the master chef. “It’s a way of understanding life. We cook the Mediterranean and also its idiosyncrasies. ”

Quique Dacosta Restaurant
Tomates bravos

The menu at Quique Dacosta Restaurant consists of two modules: “Local Universe” and “Tomorrowland”. The first delivers dishes that have been strengthened over time and represent tradition, evolution and modernity. The second list is made up of plates created by Quique Dacosta during 2014 and reveal his culinary vision, his research and his passion for creativity.

The restaurant’s newest menu is Self-Portraits: created for the specific season from its most iconic products, showcases dishes that highlight knowledge, innovation, culinary vision and passion for creativity.

“Local Universe” includes appealing Dacosta suggestions, such as foie gras Cubalibre with lemon snow and arugula (caterpillar, ruqueta and jaramago), the smoked eel rice with cherries and the very popular urchin ceviche or his rose petals, among others. “Tomorrowland,” meanwhile, surprises with exquisite cockles with celery kefir, dill and vodka, pigeon breast and malt roots, the Tobacco leaf and ox and the Raspberry paper and yogurt.

Undoubtedly Quique Dacosta Restaurant has managed to captivate customers eager for new, exceptional dining experiences. The imaginative cuisine exceeds all expectations.

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