Francis Mallmann, the Argentinian chef who captivates foodies from around the world

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After training in France, Chef Francis Mallmann decided to return to his South American roots to create Argentinian rustic cuisine. Since then, his main ingredient in his delicious dishes is fire. This mixture of influences coupled with his interest in seeing food as an excuse to have pleasant conversations makes this Argentine chef unique and one-of-a-kind.

Francis Mallmann is a chef that is completely different from everyone else. Trained by the most renowned masters of French cuisine, at 40, he achieved the Grand Prix de l ‘Art de la Cuisine, surprising everyone with dishes made from ingredients from South America. Mallmann’s originality and high culinary quality captivated the judges of the International Academy of Gastronomy, who described his dishes as delicacies that were prepared by angels.



This recognition, unexpected at the time, was the kick-off that gave rise to the unmistakable Mallmann style that we enjoy today. After a 20 year career at the top of European cuisine, Francis distanced himself from the refined French gourmet techniques to rediscover and reinvent the vast culinary heritage of his native South America, paying special attention to the different ways of cooking over fire.


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Currently, Mallmann runs 9 restaurants around the world: Los Fuegos, Patagonia Sur, Fuego de Apalta, 1884 Restaurant, Garzón, Bodega Garzón, Siete Fuegos, Orégano y Francis Mallmann at Chateau la Coste. He is also the creator of outdoor feasts that are described as gourmet barbecues that have caught the attention of celebrities, executives and nobles from around the world. Gwyneth Paltrow, David Beckham, Francis Ford Coppola, Madonna and the royal families of Spain and Holland, among others, have expressed their admiration of the Argentine chef’s work.


mallmann beckham
Francis Mallmann and David Beckham
paltrow mallmann
Francias Mallmann and Gwyneth Paltrow


In his restaurant in the city of Buenos Aires, Patagonia Sur, the true style and taste of the chef can be clearly appreciated. Located in one of the most traditional neighborhoods of the city, La Boca, this old house displays Baroque decorations, where the careful ornamentation of the tables, the wild flowers and antique lamps brought from Europe are the star of the show, along with exquisite table linens and tableware. An atmosphere of classic luxury contrasts with the rusticity of the preparations masterfully made on the grill. Patagonia Sur has become an unmissable restaurant and experience for those visiting the Argentine capital.


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Mallmann was always a restless soul. When he was 16 years old, he emancipated himself from his parents to travel to San Francisco and lived on different beaches, working as a carpenter and absorbing all the literature and music within his reach. His deep love for practicing various artistic activities such as poetry, painting and music, were forged mainly in his years of exploration in the United States.

But cooking was his true passion. As he was about to turn 20, the young chef decided to write to the best chefs, awarded with three French Michelin stars, begging them to accept him as an apprentice in their kitchens. His persistence and talent led him over the years to train with chefs such as Roger Vergé, Raymond Oliver and Alain Senderens, among others.

As time progressed Mallmann created his own peculiar cooking style, in which he and his assistants cook outdoors and use braziers, grills and wire domes to prepare whole cuts of meat and vegetables.


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Lambs, poultry, beef cuts, pigs, fish and all kinds of vegetables are cooked in the heat over a bed of charcoals, creating a truly sensational culinary environment.

One of the most unique culinary options offered by Mallmann in his rich menu of gourmet experiences is to visit his private island in Lago La Plata, in the province of Chubut, in the heart of Patagonia, Argentina. An austral island, very far from the rest of the civilization, where the chef receives his guests in person, cooks for them and invites them to enjoy the beautiful surroundings around the island.

On this island, true gourmet gatherings take place where you can enjoy food, drink, art and, above all, intense conversations. For Mallmann, food is the perfect excuse to have the best conversations.

For those interested in studying his techniques, the chef offers on the island, exclusive cooking courses for groups of 3 to 6 apprentices, with a cost of around US $44,000 per person.


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Si bien Mallmann es uno de los chef de mayor prestigio a nivel mundial, la producción del documental Chef Table de Netflix del año 2015 lo convirtió en uno de los  principales referentes de la cocina latinoamericana. Hoy por hoy su popularidad sigue en constante crecimiento no solo entre el jet set internacional, sino también entre el público en general. Hace poco, en el encuentro de presidentes G20 Argentina de 2018, el chef estuvo a cargo de la fiesta de las primeras damas, en el que participaron la anfitriona Juliana Awada junto a Melania Trump, Sophie Trudeau y Brigitte Macron, entre otras.

Although Mallmann is one of the most prestigious chefs in the world, the production of the documentary Chef Table by Netflix, which was released in 2015, made him one of the main references of Latin American cuisine. Today, its popularity continues to grow steadily not only among international jet-setters, but also among the general public. Recently, at the 2018 G20 Buenos Aires summit, the chef was in charge of preparing the meal for the first ladies, which included host Juliana Awada with first ladies Melania Trump, Sophie Trudeau and Brigitte Macron, among others.



The magnetism of this chef is undeniable. Tasting Mallmann’s exquisite dishes at one of his 9 restaurants is something that all the foodies and lovers of haute cuisine in the world must experience, at least once in their life. 

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