Paxton & Whitfield, Milroy’s Of Soho And Harrods Food Hall Food and Drink Shops in London

J.M. Towers

An interesting gastronomic tour of the always fascinating British capital.

If you are always looking for tasty delicacies for the palate, you should know that London has several lovely shops — many of them centuries old—where you will find yourself steeped in the most sublime cuisine.

Join us for this exciting gastronomic tour of the always fascinating British capital.

Paxton & Whitfield Ltd: Exceptional cheeses since 1797
93 Jermyn Street, London

Food and Drink Shops in London

Although Paxton & Whitfield has various shops strategically located throughout London, its flagship store on Jeremy Street—with its iconic black and gold façade—is the oldest and best known. Founded at the end of the 18th century, you can find it opposite the church of St. James. The shop is filled with the best artisan cheeses from every corner of the planet, which are kept in crowded shelves and fridges. (some of the most interesting cheeses from England, France, Italy, Spain and Belgium). The shop caters to the demands of its loyal clientele, and at Christmas patrons are willing to wait in line to purchase some of the best pieces of Stilton cheese in the market. In 1850, Paxton & Whitfield was named royal cheese makers for Her Majesty, Queen Victoria. It was the first of many Royal Orders the company has received throughout its long history. Winston Churchill is credited with the phrase: “a gentleman only buys his cheese at Paxton & Whitfield”.

Milroy’s of Soho: All the whiskeys in the world
3 Greek Street, London

Food and Drink Shops in London

For over 50 years, Milroy’s of Soho has been —and deservedly so—the most renowned whisky shop in the UK. The store is famous among locals and visitors for its impressive collection of whiskeys, whether malt, blended, bourbon or rye. Milroy’s of Soho holds tastings for beginners throughout the year, as well as special tastings of limited edition malt whiskeys for experts.

Harrods Food Hall: The place to find gourmet surprises
87-135 Brompton Rd, London

Food and Drink Shops in London

Harrods Food Hall is a unique space decorated with crystal chandeliers and spectacular golden display cases, located inside the emblematic London department store of the same name. It is a place where you can spot celebrities and aristocrats buying caviar, salmon, champagne and all kinds of gourmet products. The French pastries and teacakes are to die for, as are the seafood and meat from Ireland and the artisan cheeses from Britain and France. The wine and champagne selection is outstanding, and you will not have any problem finding exclusive Italian products. There’s even a pizza place with an excellent variety to satisfy the most demanding palates.

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