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J.M. Towers

Four unique creations produced with great quality.

The Champagne is one of the most famous wines in the world and an icon of elegance and sophistication. Although originated in France, with time it has transcended the geographical boundaries of the Champagne region of France, and now it is made in virtually every wine-making country in the world .
We present four unique sparkling wines produced in countries as diverse as Argentina, South Africa, Brazil and Spain.

Baron B Unique 2002
Möet&Chandon, Argentina

Sparkling Wines outside France

The Baron B Unique 2002 is one of the best Argentine sparkling wines. Always trendy, it is made from chardonnay and pinot noir grapes, in the famous region of Mendoza. With complex, fruity and toasted oak aromas, it has a great personality and freshness that fills the palate. Its fine bubbles emerge subtly producing a creamy feeling characteristic of the best French champagnes. It is perfect to surprise on the table with a good dish freshly cooked seafood

Beck Premier Cuvée Brut Blanc de Blancs 2009
Robertson W.O., South Africa

Sparkling Wines outside France

The Graham Beck Brut is a vibrant sparkling wine of great complexity and depth. Made from chardonnay grapes, in the mouth you can detect nice toasty notes and hints of fresh green apples and fresh cut pineapple. It is balanced with a subtle creamy texture and a smooth entry with a very refined finish. It is ideal to accompany pasta dishes with cheese sauces or simply to enjoy it very cold in the afternoon.

Miolo Brut Millésime 2009
Miolo, Brazil

Sparkling Wines outside France

Almost all the best Brazilian wines come from Serra Gaucha of Rio Grande do Sul, in the south of the country, close to Uruguay, since the climate of the region and its rolling hillsides are ideal for vines. With the pinot noir and chardonnay grapes the French use to make their champagne, the Miolo winery has created its excellent Brut Millésime 2009, a fresh and balanced sparkling wine. Its color is light yellow with green tinges, with fine and resistant bubbles. Its aromas of fresh fruit and the toasted oak where it matures give it a remarkable flavor and balance that are also transferred to its excellent acidity. For its elegance is ideal for combine it with good Swiss or Belgian chocolates.

Reserva Heredad 2000
Segura Viudas, España

Sparkling Wines outside France

This cava— as the champagne made in Spain is called—is made from wines from the best vintages of the Macabeo and Parellada varieties. Its powerful aroma suggests a perfect combination of sweetness and acidity, bringing fresh and delightful memories of fruity aromas. In the mouth it is powerful, but without sharpness. Elegant on the palate, it leaves its signature on a remarkable and lingering final taste. This is a nice, balanced and elegant sparkling wine, ideal to accompany a seafood soup or a good blue cheese.

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