Ouzo 12, Mirto Piero Mancini And Licor De Hierbas Ibicencas By Marí Mayans: Excellent Spirits To Finish A Meal

J.M. Towers

Three after dinner drinks of great quality and prestige represent the best traditions of Greece, Italy, and Spain, respectively.

Digestives are the last guests to arrive at the table. Usually served after coffee, they offer the perfect excuse to continue the conversation at the end of a meal with friends. In the past, it was usual to finish a banquet with distillates such as cognac or rum, but over time our tastes have become more sophisticated. Our tables and those of the finest restaurants have seen the arrival of other traditional spirits like the Greek ouzo, the Italian or the Sardinian myrtle and the Spanish Ibizan herbs liqueur. Review our selection of international wines and spirits.These are three delightful drinks to end a meal: Ouzo 12, Mirto Piero Mancini, and Licor de Hierbas Ibicencas by Marí Mayans.

Ouzo 12
The essence of Greece


For the Greeks, ouzo is more than a brandy; it is their traditional drink par excellence. It is usually taken as an aperitif or during special celebrations. Although there are many wineries producing this distillate, Ouzo 12 —from Campari— is pure and natural with a rich and complex aroma. It features a variety of Greek seeds, fruits and herbs like fennel, anise, cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg, using the same traditional process for over 100 years. Adding ice or water to Ouzo –which will turn this bright spirit cloudy or opaque—is one of the best ways to enjoy it. On your first try, we recommend you mix one measure of ouzo with two of water.

Mirto Piero Mancini
The taste of Sardinia


Myrtle liqueur—mirto rosso or simply mirto—is a typical drink from the Italian island of Sardinia. Myrtle is the Mediterranean shrub that regales us with the small edible berries used to make this beverage after an alcohol maceration. One of the most consumed myrtles in Italy is prepared by the Piero Mancini winery, which produces wines and spirits of high quality on the island of Sardinia. Piero Mancini myrtle boasts a dark coppery red color, with aromas of herbs and incense. Hot and spicy with hints of thyme and rosemary, its finish is vibrant, robust and balanced. It should always be served with two ice cubes.

Licor de Hierbas Ibicencas de Marí Mayans
Ibiza`s passion


Ibiza is a small Spanish enclave in the Mediterranean Sea, which belongs to the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands. Famous for its beauty, the island has a long gastronomic history, elegantly expressed in this herbal liqueur. The island’s peasants have produced herbal distillates for centuries following secret family recipes. Ibizan herbal drinks are aniseed flavored and made from a variety of flowers and native plants, such as fennel, thyme, verbena, juniper berries, eucalyptus, and chamomile, plus orange and lemon peel. For over 130 years, the Familia Marí Mayans company has studied the local aromatic plants to produce prestigious liqueurs. Their Ibizan Herbal Liqueur is one of the most popular for its delicious flavor and freshness.

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