Balearic Island

Formentera: A Mediterranean Paradise

J.M. Towers

With its pristine beaches and mild climate, this island is a real haven of peace and tranquility in the 'Mare Nostrum'.

Located in the Balearic Islands and known as the last paradise in the Mediterranean, the small Spanish island of Formentera has managed to combine tourism with environmental protection. Several generations of locals have struggled to preserve its natural environment and have succeeded. This island is considered a jewel for its pristine beaches and mild climate in the sea the ancient Romans called Mare Nostrum.


Formentera can only be reached by boat, as it doesn’t have an airport. This inaccessibility makes it a quiet haven to get away from quotidian life. Visitors can cycle around the island, or swim in its 20 miles of white-sand beaches and transparent waters. It is also possible to practice all kinds of water sports and horseback riding, or enjoy its simple but delightful cuisine. The seafood in Formentera is prepared with the skill and mastery of centuries of seafaring tradition.

A distinguishing feature of the island is the Posidonia seagrass meadow that surrounds it. This natural purifier cleans the water and allows the sand to settle on the shoreline. UNESCO declared these area a World Heritage Site in 1999. But the island offers something unique in the Mediterranean: respect for nature, the survival of its culture and protection of the environment.

In Formentera, you will not find lots of people or massive resorts. This island stands out for its delightful and unique lodgings, many located a few meters from the beach. A celebrity hideaway, this Spanish paradise has been visited by Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Adrien Brody, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, designer Giorgio Armani, among many others.

The island is an ideal place for hiking. You will find forests with winding paths, rural landscapes dotted with fig trees, windmills, lighthouses, dunes, salt marshes and wetlands for bird watching. All these attractions, paired with the distinctive morphology of the island, give Formentera a particular charm for those seeking simplicity and tranquility in a natural setting.

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