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Enjoy your favorite concoction (or try a new one) at one of our picks.

Enjoy a cocktail at an iconic New York Spot: The 21 Club.

The 21 Club is one of the finest, most exclusive and emblematic clubs in New York City. This place has transcended time and fads with an unquestionable reputation since its debut in 1922 when cousins ​​Jack Kriendler and Charlie Berns opened their first speakeasy. They called it The Read Head, and it was located in Greenwich Village, during Prohibition. The watering hole became famous as a meeting place for elite New Yorkers. The 21 Bar & Lounge is ideal for enjoying signature cocktails while looking around at New York’s most beautiful people, or trelaxing by the fireplace with a single malt during a harsh winter.

Enjoy refreshing bubbly in Reims: Trésors de champagne – la boutique.

This champagnerie is a mandatory stop on your visit to Reims, in the Champagne region of France, the epicenter of the renowned bubbly elixir’s production. At number 2 rue Olivier Metra oenophiles can find this famous locale, born from the association of 28 champagne producing labels to showcase the overall excellence of their products. The boutique shop offers more than 170 different champagnes and visitors can attend tastings, presentations and even book a place for personal celebrations or corporate events. The decor is modern and welcoming; from the ceiling hang hundreds of champagne bottles that provide information about the available varieties that will come in handy when choosing the one that suits your preference.

Gather around an olive tree in Cape Town: Asoka.

On Kloof Street, Asoka has been a hidden gem for the last ten years. A unique feature (and the one that has made it so well known) is a centenary olive tree that grows in its interior, whose branches are deployed giving shelter to a loyal clientele who enjoys live music, elaborate cocktails, an extensive white wine list, whiskeys, bourbons and French champagnes.

Solve a case in London: Evans & Peel Detective Agency.

The Evans & Peel Detective Agency Evans is not easy to find, as it is located in Royal Borough, a residential suburb of London where one doesn’t often encounter this kind of business. Keep in mind that, once inside, you may be involved in a case of robbery or kidnapping, which will have to be solved by the expert detectives at Evans & Peel. But, not to worry! There won’t be any real arrests made on account of these crimes. You will be able to enjoy the bar, hidden behind a bookcase, comfortably seated around office tables while enjoying delicious cocktails that will be presented on a police report menu. The musical and burlesque performances are what make this place extra-special.

Choose between more than 2,000 beers in Brussels: Delirium Café.

Known as the Pink Elephant Bar, Delirium Café is one of the most famous beer bars in Belgium—and throughout Europe. It serves more than two thousand beers from around the world, a fact reflected in the Guinness Book of World Records. Guests can choose among the famous Trappist and Abbey Belgian beers—darker or lighter, according to their tastes and preferences—or any of the vast selection of international brews. They even offer unusual beers made from chocolate, banana and coconut. At Delirium Café, they know that choosing between such a vast selection can be an intimidating decision, but the experienced staff can quickly recommend multiple options and explains their characteristics. The Delirium Café is quite popular among young Belgians. Its décor features all kinds of beer memorabilia, including antique advertising plates, trays, glasses and thousands of different coasters.

Groove to sultry jazz in Montreal: Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill.

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With its classic wood paneling, stone walls, long bar and elegant tables,
Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill is an inspired jazz club that offers lite bites and full meals plus a unique musical experience. This club has brought artists like Mark Turner, Larry Grenadier, Ingrid Jensen, David Binney and Houston Person, among others. Every year, the famous Montreal International Jazz Festival —one of the most important in the world— is held here.

An ideal Dublin destination for classic book lovers: O’Neills Victorian Pub and Townhouse.

Located in the city center, opposite Trinity College and minutes from the famous O’Connell and Grafton streets, O’Neills Victorian Pub and Townhouse is one of those must-see places during a visit to Dublin. Opened in 1885 during the reign of Queen Victoria, this pub has preserved the flair of the era. Since the first day, it has been managed by generations of the same family. An interesting fact: it is mentioned in Ulysses, the novel by Irish poet and novelist James Joyce, one of the most influential avant-garde writers of the 20th century. O’Neills Victorian Pub and Townhouse is famous for its Irish breakfast of fried eggs, crispy bacon, beans, sausage, and cheese. They also serve a variety of beers, and its bar offers a choice of over 40 Irish whiskeys.

Get spooked by ghost stories in London: Ship Tavern.

Founded in 1549, the Ship Tavern has been at the heart of the social scene of the London Borough of Holborn for nearly 500 years. In fact, during the reign of Henry VIII, Catholic rebels celebrated Mass here, defying Protestant law. On many occasions, the priests had to escape in haste, so they built secret exits that still exist today. In a warning, the clerics fled to the basement, and the faithful held their tankards to conceal the illegal activity. Some priests were not so lucky and were discovered hiding in a tunnel in the cellar, where they were executed. It is said that every year, on Halloween night, you can hear their desperate cries from the ancient underground of the Ship Tavern.

Have a surrealist experience in Switzerland: Museum HR Giger Bar.

Top image via Facebook by Andy Davies
Bottom image via Facebook by Annie Bertram

Gruyères is a historic municipality in the Swiss canton of Fribourg. There, travelers can find Château St. Germain, a castle built between the 11th and 13th centuries, which houses one of the most unusual bars imaginable: the Museum HR Giger Bar. The cavernous bar was designed by the Swiss surrealist artist Hans Rudolf Giger, internationally known for creating the monster for the movie Alien: The Eighth Passenger (1979) directed by Ridley Scott, which won Giger an Oscar in the category of Special Effects. The bar’s interior recreates an otherworldly atmosphere. The focal point is a structure that simulates a skeleton covered by double arches of vertebrae that traverse the vaulted ceiling of the old castle. It is said that the feeling in this bar recalls the biblical story of Jonah and the Whale and the sensation of being inside the belly of a fossilized prehistoric creature. Towards the back, the chairs resemble pelvis bones and the floor tiles are embossed with strange hieroglyphics. The bar has two thick walls that display many of the works created by Giger in an artistic career that lasted over 40 years. By the way, when you order something, it better be a comforting drink, as the place, although amazing, is not precisely conducive to peace and serenity.

Marvel at New York’s breathtaking skyline: Press Lounge at Ink 48.

Image via the Press Lounge

While this hot hotel might be in Hell’s Kitchen (aka no-man’s land), it’s undeniable this rooftop is ranked as one of New York’s best. Presenting visitors with unobstructed views of both east and west, a huge indoor/outdoor party patio and some of the best beverage blends you’ll ever have.

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