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Cape Town: A Top Destination for Cocktails and Mixology

Mary Elizabeth Collins

Find the most exclusive libations at city’s most iconic bars, including Tjing Tjing Rooftop Bar, Kloof Street House, Mother’s Ruin Gin Bar, and Asoka.

Cape Town, South Africa, is a modern and lively city that combines a strong European influence with an African spirit. The country’s economic boom has made it a favorite destination for affluent travelers eager to enjoy its beautiful beaches and thriving financial center. For this and other reasons, the city was chosen to host the World Cocktail Championships.The city also boasts excellent gastronomy with world-renowned restaurants and bars, incomparable natural landscapes such as the Cape of Good Hope or the exclusive Camps Bay, where famous movie stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Charlize Theron spend their summers.

If you are looking to spend a few days in Cape Town, here are some of the places where you will surely enjoy a fantastic cocktail and a charming ambiance.

Tjing Tjing Rooftop Bar

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Located inside a historic building in the city center—in Longmarket St.—this space features indie music and fabulous cocktails such as an excellent Old Fashioned, a strong Bloody Mary, and Caipirinhas that will brighten your mood. Also, its South African premium wines and tasty microbrews will contribute to a fun night in a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere.

Kloof Street House

cape town, south africa, tourist destination, world cocktail championships

Kloof Street is one of Cape Town’s oldest areas. You will find an incredible selection of old Victorian homes that once belonged to the first Europeans that settled the area. Inside one of these buildings is Kloof Street House, a haven of peace and good taste, with attractive decor, vibrant mood, and exquisite music on the terrace, the lounge, and the library. The bar serves a broad variety of drinks and spirits, including their famous vermouth-based cocktails flavored with fruits such as pineapple, watermelon, cucumber, and mint, among other local ingredients.

Mother’s Ruin Gin Bar

cape town, south africa, tourist destination, world cocktail championships

Gin aficionados will love this charming bar run by brothers Rob and Mark Mulholland, who have traveled halfway around the world and found inspiration in the New York clubs. Located in Bree Street, one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares, everything in this small bar revolves around gin and its various combinations: Gin Martini, Gimlet, Gin Mule, Negroni, and many more.


cape town, south africa, tourist destination, world cocktail championships

Also in Kloof Street, Asoka has been a hidden gem in recent years. A unique feature that made it famous is a centuries-old olive tree that grows in its interior, whose branches are deployed giving shelter to a loyal clientele who enjoys live music, elaborate cocktails, an extensive white wine list, whiskeys, bourbons, and French champagnes—all set in an elegant setting.  ■

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