Dar Moha Restaurant: The Elegant Flavors Of Morocco

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The prestigious Chef Moha Fedal, a champion of Moroccan cuisine, plays with tradition and modernity in his restaurant Dar Moha.

You can find the luxurious Dar Moha restaurant at number 81 on Rue Dar el Bacha, in the dazzling Medina of Marrakesh, in Morocco. Its chef, Moha Fedal, a champion of Moroccan cuisine, is perhaps the most relevant and charismatic chef in the North African country.Dar Moha Restaurant                          Chef Moha Fedal.
The restaurant is located inside a riad, which in Arabic means garden. By extension, the term is applied to a house or palace with rooms arranged around a central courtyard, often with a floor covered with mosaics—or zelliges. In the center stands a fountain surrounded by a formal garden with aromatic and ornamental plants: orange, lemon and palm trees.Riads have been common in Morocco for thousands of years. The finest were reserved for the residences of the nobility and high government officials. The riad where the Dar Moha is situated reminds us of the stories of the Arabian Nights. It was home to Had Idder, Lord of the Atlas, secretary of Pasha Glaoui, and administrator for the Sultan of Morocco. Centuries later, the famous French fashion designer Pierre Balmain purchased and renovated the palace. Captivated by the unique architecture and refined atmosphere of the place, Balmain spent part of his life there until his death in 1982.

Dar Moha Restaurant
This particular riad and the restaurant have become an extraordinarily luxurious oasis with fountains, ponds, courtyards and salons that take us to a bygone era of unmatched splendor and sophistication. Chef Moha Fedal--an alumnus of the prestigious Geneva Hospitality School–worked in Switzerland for 14 years. The cuisine auteur is considered the first chef to revisit traditional Moroccan gastronomy, and introduce new techniques, flavor profiles and presentations.

Fedal is today the greatest defender of Moroccan cuisine and considers his art part of the nation’s cultural heritage. Moroccan cuisine has enormous wealth and diversity due to the country’s interaction with other cultures such as the Berbers and Moors, the Middle East, the Mediterranean and other parts of Africa.

With exquisite presentations, Fedal’s restaurant offers a varied menu where diners quickly discover the essence Morocco, expertly fused with the flavors and textures of other world cuisines. The exquisite menu features dishes as suggestive as lobster with coriander juice, beef tenderloin, couscous Thai style, or duck breast with argan. This gastronomic selection plays with tradition and modernity in a way that is both respectful and amazing. In the words of the chef, “there came a moment when we realized that an Haute Moroccan cuisine was a real possibility.”

Under the premise of respect for centuries-old traditions infused with a modern sensibility, Dar Moha is a gastronomic gem at the foot of the Atlas Mountains.

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