Fashion From Morocco: Effortless Elegance Perfect For Any Summer Celebration

Elysze Held

Le Beau Maroc, Asmaa Benkirane's Surfside boutique in South Florida is a treasure chest for stylish women looking to Morocco's most talented designers.

Travelers to Morocco rarely have access to atelier houses that design for royalty, first families, prime ministers and the Moroccan elite. Enter Le Beau Maroc. Their contemporary creations, rooted in thousands of years of history, will be entirely new to the U.S. with the recent opening last June of their flagship store Le Beau Maroc (Beautiful Morocco)– in Surfside, Florida, one block south of the world famous shopping mecca Bal Harbour Shops.Fashion from Marocco                          Asmaa Benkirane.Young Moroccan entrepreneur Asmaa Benkirane has an eye on launching a fashion revolution with her new couture boutique– crossing the threshold into Le Beau Maroc, guests are immediately transported without passport, into glamorous Morocco and immersed in all its exoticism, beauty secrets and more. Read more about fashion here.

Hand-curated from Ms. Benkirane’s personal shopping trips and visits, the boutique’s interior transports visitors to the country with carved archways, authentic lamps, sumptuous carpets and hand-crafted armoires holding the one-of-a-kind kaftans, precious jewelry and 100 percent pure Argan oil face, hair and body products that have kept Moroccan women young for centuries. Guests are welcomed with Moroccan tea and dates, a traditional greeting for the warmest reception into one’s home.

The luxurious locale features the top two couture designers in Morocco (RENATA by Souad Chraibit and ATELIER S by Siham Tazi). Souad Chraibi’s RENATA line is synonymous with luxury and haute couture, having designed kaftans for 25 years with new collections every season; Siham Tazi of Atelier S, known as Morocco’s young star, presents at the country’s top runway show each year, and is considered one of Morocco’s premier kaftan designers for her fresh and modern perspective on a royal garment that has adorned monarchs for centuries. When she launched, Moroccan royals personally came directly to her atelier for her kaftans.

The iconic designer couture kaftans are embellished with precious stones, pearls, exotic beads, silver and gold threads and more exotic flourishes. Each kaftan in Le Beau Maroc is one-of-a-kind, hand-made with the world’s most precious fabrics, including silk, jersey, satin duchesse and silk chiffon. The designers choose the applications carefully, working closely with the artisans, and are inspired by western modernity while keeping the Moroccan cache.

Fashion from Marocco                          (L) Lesley Goldwasser wearing a kaftan from Le Beau Maroc. / (R) Meghan Walsh dressed by Le Beau Maroc.

“Le Beau Moroc is a destination of discovery for stylish, international women to adorn themselves with fashion, beauty, skincare, jewelry and accessories from Morocco’s most talented designers. Be it black-tie gala or beach cover-up, dinner party or lunch at a beachside enclave, stylish women will find something special to transport a day or night out from the ordinary to the extraordinary, with the mystery of Morocco infused into every piece,” says Proprietor Asmaa Benkirane. “This is a boutique of discovery like no other, full of wearable treasures. Guests will have a sense of exoticism at first sight, as though they are traveling through royal history,” she says.

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