Calvados, The Apple Distillate From Normandy

J.M. Towers

Known as the cognac of apples because it is obtained from apple cider, a good Calvados is a sublime ending to any meal and should always be served in a round-shaped glass.

Calvados is a fine liqueur distilled from apple cider; it has a Controlled Denomination of Origin (AOC) and is made exclusively in the region of Normandy, France. It is known as “apple brandy” and is named after the village where it originated, Calvados, in Lower Normandy.Its elaboration requires up to 150 varieties of apples, divided into four categories: sweet, bittersweet, bitter and sour. A good Calvados is the perfect end to a sumptuous meal and should always be served in a round-shaped glass.
Pierre Huet Millésime 1935
WINERY: Pierre Huet // AREA: Cambremers, Normandy
CalvadosA millésime makes a difference, because this name is only applied to a wine or liquor that stands out for its rarity and quality. The year of harvest is always clearly indicated. In this case: 1935, an unsurpassed vintage. Pierre Huet Millesime 1935 Calvados shows a clear amber color. Close to the nose, one can perceive aromas of fresh apple and mineral notes with hints of wild mushrooms. In the mouth, the balance is perfect, with nice bitterness, vibrant acidity and vanilla notes from the barrel. It has a lingering, warm and very pleasant finish.

Coeur de Lion VSOP
WINERY: Christian Drouin // AREA: Pays D’Auge, Normandy


The Christian Drouin winery created the excellent brand Coeur de Lion, in honor of Richard Coeur de Lion, Duke of Normandy. The VSOP (Very Special Old Pale) is the flagship product of the distillery and is made from different vintages from the best vineyards of Calvados, aged in French oak barrels. It has a pale golden color with enticing aromas of fruit, flowers and spices. It has complex flavor, with personality and a lingering and mild end in the mouth.

Père Magloire XO
WINERY: Père Magloire // AREA: Pont-l’Evèque, Normandy


The master winemakers at Père Magloire have been using the knowledge and experience accumulated since 1821 in the production of this magnificent Calvados, which is the result of exceptional apple harvests and the unique double distillation of ciders. Its color is amber, with a subtle apple scent and a remarkable aromatic persistence, thanks to the intimate interaction between maturing time and the wood of the French oak barrels.

Extra Boulard
WINERY: Boulard // AREA: Coquainvilliers, Normandy


This superb Calvados is made with the selection of the oldest and most exclusive vintages of Boulard. Its color is amber with gold sparkles, and it boasts faint, delicate and refined aromas of white fruits and sweet apples with a delightful finish of prominent floral notes. Its unique and persistent flavor of fruits and flowers—such as violets—remains in the mouth long after being consumed, making it a uniquely remarkable product.

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