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The Most Expensive Liquor, Starting at One Million Dollars

Georgina Lawrence

Your next toast may be the most expensive and rewarding of your life. Cheers!

Typically, bottle service at a popular club can range anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000, further proving that a night out in town can be quite costly but worth it at the same time. But spending a couple thousand of dollars is nothing compared to some of the most expensive liquors in the world —all starting at one million dollars:

The most exquisite liquors starting at one million dollars
Luxury toast: Diva Vodka. / ©️via The Spirit Cellar

Diva Vodka – $1 Million

The bottle of Diva Vodka is made from premium English Grain Vodka and seven times filtered. It’s one of the most expensive liquors in the world and promises a pure, smooth taste to its consumers. Each bottle, according to the company’s website, contains a hand-filled wand with a unique collection of Swarovski elements. It also brings a stunning diamond bracelet for keepsake.

The most exquisite liquors starting at one million dollars
Mendis Coconut Brandy. / ©️Lana Jane Beck via Wikimedia Commons

Mendis Coconut Brandy – $1 Million

In 2007, Mendis introduced the first-ever clear brandy made from coconuts. It’s 100 percent all-natural distilled from the essence of coconut flower. But holding on this $1-million bottle is much more rewarding as it comes with a luxurious seven-day trip. The purchaser will enjoy a first class flight to Maldives, a private helicopter ride to the distillery in Sri Lanka, and receive the luxurious bottle signed and numbered by Mr. W.M. Mendis, according to Exotic Excess.

The most exquisite liquors starting at one million dollars
Cognac Henri IV Dudognon Heritage 24K & Silver, one of the most expensive liquors in the world. / ©️Cognac Miniature

Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac – $2 million

Behold, the most expensive cognac in the world! The cognac is aged over 100 years old. But the true glamour lies in the bottle, packaged by jeweler Jose Davalos. According to Brandy Classics, the manufacturer dipped the bottle in 24K gold and sterling platinum, and decorated it with 6,500 brilliant cut diamonds.

The most exquisite liquors starting at one million dollars
Pasión Azteca Platinum. / ©️Tequila Ley

Tequila Ley, Platinum Bottle by Tequila Ley .925 – $3.5 Million

Tequila Ley, containing 4-year-old aged Anejo tequila, is worth $3.5 million because of its luxurious bottle too. A top contender for the most expensive liquor, Tequila Ley has an exquisite Mexican flavor. The one-liter, two-piece bottle is hand-crafted with pure platinum and 4,100 white diamonds, according to the company’s website.

The most exquisite liquors starting at one million dollars
D’amalfi Limoncello Supreme. / ©️Antica Distilleria Russo

The Most Expensive Liquor

D’Amalfi Limoncello Supreme – $44 Million

At $44 million, this is the king among the most expensive liquors in the world—and there’s only two bottles! According to Chilled Magazine, one of the bottles was already purchased by an Italian client. The neck of the bottle alone contains three single 13 carat diamonds and an 18.5 carat diamond.

These are just some of the most expensive spirits in the millions range. However, there are other exquisite liquors in the hundreds-thousands. These include Bowmore 1957, at $165,000; Armand de Brignac Midas (owned by Jay-Z), at $200,000; The Macallan 64 Year Old in Lalique: Cire Perdue, at $460,000; and The Macallan “M” six-liter in Lalique, at $628,000.

Have you tried any of these exquisite and luxurious drinks? If so, which one? Or which would you totally buy?

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