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Acordeón 2013, Altas Cumbres 2014 And Colomé 2011: Argentinian Wines Made With The Torrontés Grape

J.M. Towers

This famous Argentinian grape brings an elegant aroma and fruity flavor to white wines.


The Argentinian Torrontés is a grouping of several varieties of white grapes which includes—among its best strains— the torrontés from Salta, La Rioja, San Juan and some grapes cultivated in Mendoza. According to genetic studies, the Argentinean Torrontés is the crossbreeding of two varieties: Alexandria Muscat and the small Creole (known as Mission or País).

Considered Argentina´s emblematic white strain, it is grown mainly towards the northwest of this South American country. The wines made from this grape around Mendoza, specifically in the Cafayate Valley, are considered unique for their supreme quality.

Torrontés wines are unforgettable and boast organoleptic virtues that highlight a smooth and elegant fragrance, intense fruity flavor, and a characteristic spicy nuances. They also exude an exquisite floral aroma. “This little known Argentinian grape has enormous potential. Those who try it in a blind taste, simply, adore it. They love their fragrance, flavor, and outstanding personality,” says British journalist Tim Atkin, wine expert, and writer. Review our international selection of wines and spirits.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Argentinean Torrentés wines in the market today.

Acordeón Torrontés 2013
WINERY: Freixenet // DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN: Valle de Cafayate // GRAPE: 100% torrontés

Argentinian White Wine

The Spanish company Freixenet produces its Acordeón Torrontés in the Cafayate Valley, 6,000 feet high. Acordeón Torrontés is a superb wine with a beautiful yellow honey color, aromas of fresh fruits like ripe nectarines, white peaches, bitter grapefruit and Asian pear. In the mouth, it has a balanced acidity and the typical flavors of tropical fruits. It is a refreshing and versatile creation that perfectly complements spicy dishes, nuts, ceviches or seafood stews.

Altas Cumbres Torrontés 2014
WINERY: Bodega Lagarde // DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN: Valle de Cafayate // GRAPE: 100% torrontés

Argentinian White Wine

Bodegas Lagarde has been producing wine in Argentina since 1897. Its renowned Altas Cumbres Torrontés is a gem that will thrill fans of good white wines. Noted for its yellow color and greenish hues, it has a very intense aroma of fresh grapes. The notable vintage also boasts hints of flowers and ripe peaches, as well as a fresh, fruity, subtle and balanced flavor.

Colomé Torrontés 2011
WINERY: Bodega Lagarde // DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN: Valle de Cafayate // GRAPE: 100% torrontés

Argentinian White Wine

Bodega Colomé, founded in 1831, is one of Argentina’s oldest wine producers. In 2001, it was acquired by the Swiss entrepreneur Donald Hess, a billionaire art collector and owner of seven other wineries on three continents. The grapes used to make Colomé Torrontés are grown in the highlands of the Calchaquí Valley, the world’s highest wine region. Its vineyards grow at an altitude of 10,000 feet above sea level. Colomé Torrontés, a superb wine, is yellow with green tones and the very intense scent of fresh grapes, flowers and ripe peaches. Light and pleasant on the palate, its flavor is fresh and with good acidity.

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