High Altitude Wines: The Secret Of Torrontés

Walter Raymond

There is no other wine like it in the world. Torrontés, a captivating Argentinean wine, incorporates suggestive floral notes that are fresh and intense, allowing it to flow in a smooth and pleasant way. Review our selections of this delicious wine here!

There is no other wine like it elsewhere in the world. Torrontés is a captivating Argentine wine that is clear yellow in color color mixed with slightly golden-green hues. Its intense aromas of fruit—which recall the scent of freshly crushed grapes— incorporate suggestive floral notes. Fresh and intense, it flows in a smooth and pleasant way. Review our selections of some of the world’s best wines.Torrontes Wine
Torrontés is a high altitude wine that requires generous sunshine, and very particular kinds of soil and climate: hence its exclusivity and limited production. It is original from the Calchaquí Valleys in the mountains of northern Argentina— more precisely in Cafayate—at about 5,600 feet above sea level. This wine pairs well with the typical Andean gastronomy and highlights the delicate flavors and intoxicating aromas of fresh seafood as well as spicy Asian and Mexican dishes.The wineries of the Calchaquí Valleys have organized an exciting Wine Trail to visit the sites and taste the diverse varieties of Torrontés from old family recipes. One of our favorites was Torrontés Tardío, made from ultra-ripe Torrontés grapes harvested in late April. The high concentration of sugars produces an elegant sweet wine with an excellent balance of flavors, sugar, and acidity.Torrontes Wine
La Ruta del Vino (Wine Trail) in Salta takes us through family owned cellars set in charming Spanish colonial buildings. Some offer accommodations in small boutique hotels. If you are a wine connoisseur, even an aficionado, it makes sense to spend a couple of days and explore the secrets of the Torrontés, the region, and its people. The Wine Trail also provides visits to small farms located beyond the Calchaquíes Valleys, which have limited productions of some of the best wines in the area.Related Articles:Moldova, the new wine mecca of Europe

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