Lorenzo Villoresi: The Story of a Great Perfumer

Franky M.

The cornerstone of these handmade fragrances is the intrinsic value of each of the components used in their preparation.

Considering that European luxury firms boast of longevity, the Italian perfume manufacturing firm Lorenzo Villoresi can be thought of as a young firm. The brand was born in 1990 in the former palace of the Villoresi family, in the center of Florence. At its very young age, the label has already found its niche among the choicest perfumeries and is the favorite of many famous noses.

Lorenzo Villoresi
Lorenzo Villoresi.

It all began in 1981 when the perfumer traveled to the Middle East and was captivated by the spices and essences he found there. He proceeded to study all about perfumes: the fragrances and methods of distillation, extraction testing, and the manufacture of tinctures, infusions, and other aromatic preparations.

In 1993, the director of Maison Fendi—who wanted to create a collection of products to scent every room—commissioned the first fragrance born under the brand Lorenzo Villoresi Profumi. After several collaborations with other leading fashion names, Villoresi launched his first collection of eau de toilette, perfumes and bath products.
Lorenzo Villoresi

Gradually, the perfumer focused on his own brand and, over the years created a series of monothematic fragrances that represent his interpretation of some classic motifs. Thus were born Musk, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Incensi, Spezie, Vetiver, and Wild Lavender. All are characterized by a complex formula with extensive use of very valuable natural substances.

Between 2005 and 2006, Villoresi began working in Florence in the new Perfume Center, located in the ancient palazzos of the Bardi family. The center–which offers courses and workshops dedicated to perfumery– has a scent garden, a cafe, a shop, and a little known collection of raw materials, as well as a small aromatic thermarium, reserved for its members.

Villoresi, who in 2006 won the prestigious international Prix François Coty in Paris—the most important professional recognition for a perfumer— has found success through one central notion: the intrinsic value of each of the components used in his products.
Lorenzo Villoresi

The production is completely handmade and requires patience, time and undivided attention to create the best aromas, which come forth from mixing the most luxurious essential oils brought from all over the world. These are not unlike the typically Tuscan elements, such as laurel, olive, cypress and the rare and valuable iris root, used to set the oils and make their aroma last longer.

Most recently, Lorenzo Villoresi has relaunched his first monothematic series of fragrances under the name Vintage Collection. They are classic, timeless perfumes, which shy away from market trends. He rescued them at the request of friends, professionals and loyal fans who felt nostalgic for these creations, some of them discontinued. The first that went on sale (in select stores and on the brand’s website) were the Ambra, Garofano, Incensi, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang and Tropicana fragrances. Others will soon follow, always in limited quantities.  ■

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