Fake Luxury: For the Eco-Conscious Fashionista

Cheryl Grant

With protecting the environment and animals in mind, fashion brands such as Gucci, BB Dakota, Charlotte Simone and Express have created environmentally-conscious luxury clothing options for eco-conscious consumers as they say goodbye to using real fur.

While it used to be chic to wear mink we have come a long way to where eco-conscious now rules the day.

If you were lucky enough to hit this year’s fashion shows in New York City you would have noticed that faux furs were front and center. That’s good news since real fur has had quite a controversial past. Should any of us be wearing a mink while sipping on organically grown fair trade coffee? Maybe not!

However, as we head into an era of animal-friendly products, designers have felt the shift and are stepping up and increasing their offerings. But don’t write off these fashion pieces because you are worried that they may look fake. The choices available today not only look good but feel great to the touch as well.

Now you can merge your love for all things furry —without guilt—with your desire for glamour and extravagance. Check out a sample of the fun offerings that can add some pizazz to your fall and winter looks this season.


Always a trendsetting brand Gucci has announced that it will no longer use animal fur as of its Spring/Summer collection of 2018, nor will it use fur in any of its upcoming collections. In a conversation with Eco-Age’s Founder and Creative Director Livia Firth and Gucci’s President and CEO Marco Bizzarri, the duo spoke spoke of the company’s new ten-year “Culture of Purpose” sustainability plan which includes, among other things, reducing their environmental impact and joining the fur free alliance. This choice from the brand’s fall show exemplifies Gucci’s ability to make cultural experiences accessible to the masses.

One of Gucci’s faux fur jacket’s during its recent fashion show.

BB Dakota

The brand bills itself as one that supports strong females. One of their motto’s states that they “believe in the woman that lives life on her own terms and looks good while doing so.” If you pride yourself on being independent and strong then you are the #girlboss they are talking about. Shake up your wardrobe with a mauve rose vest and other trendy pieces this season, adding a modern flair to your wardrobe.

Shake up your wardrobe with BB Dakota’s mauve rose vest

Charlotte Simone

London based designer Charlotte Beecham founded Charlotte Simone in 2011. She did so having been inspired by the Parisian women she observed when she spent her freshman year of college in Paris. On the days that you really just want to make a statement and still seem understated, the brand’s cream-colored Swarovski emblazoned shaggy fur with black jeans and a black top is the perfect choice. Or throw caution to the wind and be seen in a candy-colored shade of pink.

Charlotte Simone
One of Charlotte Simone’s Edgy Pink Jackets


While fashion can be many things one of those things should be fun. This Leopard faux-fur moto jacket does just that. It can help you to create a casual rock-and-roll look when paired with gold hoops, black jeans, a white top and cute boots. Let it speak for your personality on a first date or for an effortless look at Sunday brunch with your best girlfriends. ■

Express’ Leopard faux-fur moto jacket paired with black skinny jeans and a white tank top

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