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Elisabetta Armellin: Boutique V73 in the Design District de Miami

Patricia Abaroa

Italian designer Elisabetta Armellin debuts her boutique in Miami's Design District.


Elisabetta Armellin’s V73 boutique joins the Miami Design District, a luxury retail destination located north of downtown Miami. V73 opened its doors with a Venetian themed celebration that exhibited Armellin’s FW 2013-2014 collection of handbags, textiles, accessories and charms. Armellin designed, in an exclusive partnership with Galleria degli Uffizi Firenze, a limited edition collection that was also showcased on this unique night.

Elisabetta Armerllin's V 73 Boutique

Armellin’s superior knack for mixing patterns was on full display as her City Bags adorned the new elegant boutique. These practical totes will prove to be a cool addition to any woman’s wardrobe. This is easily an everyday bag with a twist: mixed patterns in an array of colors that will complement anything in your closet and will work for every occasion since they come in various sizes. Other standout bags included the stunning Velvet Bag and the limited edition Animalier Leopard bag. Armellin’s chain shoulder bags made of embossed Italian leather add a dash of sparkle and glamour to any outfit with its lovely jewel closure.

Elisabetta Armerllin's V 73 Boutique

Along with her gorgeous collection of purses, Elisabetta displayed other accessories: quirky, oversized charms, sophisticated scarves and cameo-adorned jewelry. The dainty white cameo designs, enhanced by vibrant colors, are perfect for women of all ages. Guests were also treated to V73’s No Time leather watch bracelets in gold or pink gold.

Elisabetta Armerllin's V 73 Boutique

With a beautiful backdrop featuring the starlit Miami sky and a projection screen that flashed different images and exclusive prints from Galleria degli Uffizi Firenze, the Venetian theme for the opening party carried out onto the patio. Guests sat on lounges fitted with Lucite furniture and enjoyed cocktails and light Italian fare while catering staff and bartenders sported Venetian masks. An electric violin player and DJ provided background music for the lovely affair.

Elisabetta Armerllin's V 73 Boutique

Armellin, who now resides in Italy, has often drawn inspiration from the beautiful streets of Venice. In Venice, the number 73 was part of her atelier’s address, and it also coincides with her birth year. Miami was the clear choice for the opening of her first US store. When asked why she chose this location, Elisabetta smiled and said, “I chose Miami because I love this city.” With Armellin’s joyful, yet classic aesthetics, there is no doubt Miami will love her back.


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