Louis Vuitton: The «Lockit» Collection

Ana B. Remos

From the Loujkov Bridge in Moscow to Florence’s Ponte Vecchio, passing through the Lotus Peak Wall in China, the Fengyuan train station in Taiwan, the Pont des Arts in Paris, the Fountain of Montevideo or the Milvian Bridge in Rome, nothing seems more powerful than this universal symbol of love.


Legend has it that if two lovers place a padlock on the guardrail of a bridge, with their names and vows, their love will forever be sealed. In one of the episodes of Federicco Moccia’s Best Seller Scusa ma ti chiamo amore, the two lovers place a padlock with their names on one of Rome’s most famous bridges. They then throw the key into the river and hope their love is everlasting. This act marked the rebirth of the myth at an international scale.

Lovelocks started appearing everywhere: along a nature path in Vancouver Island in Canada, also on Toronto’s Humber Bridge. Every day, hundreds of lovers seal their fate with a padlock in hundreds of places around the world. You could even say that in cities with prominent bridges, this practice has become a favorite pastime for visiting couples.

The Love Lock as Jewel

The lock and key have been an symbol for Louis Vuitton since its early years. Their first piece, the Steamer Bag, featured a padlock, and many of the company’s current signature accessories incorporate this emblem.

As a tribute to lovers everywhere, the brand launched the Lockit collection, with padlock and key as protagonists. Fifteen jewelry pieces make up the selection: outstanding gold and diamond bracelets, rings, pendants in white, yellow or pink gold, all featuring these decorative elements.

The romantic Lockit collection is now available in all Louis Vuitton stores.


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