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Spectacular places for spiritual and detox retreats

Marta Burgues

If you need to leave behind the screens and cellphones, or the stress of daily routines and work, then these incredible detoxification and spiritual resorts are the place for you.

Can you imagine walking barefoot in a forest? Or to a group meditation located in incredible natural environments? What about connecting to our inner voice and making disconnection a pleasure without limits? These are just a few of the sensations that are experienced in places of spiritual retreats and detox. A practice that receives more followers every day due to stress and anxiety becoming more prevalent over the past decade.

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), one in every ten inhabitants of the planet presents symptoms of stress. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why wellness tourism is the industry’s fastest growing sector, with an increase of 10% during 2018, according to the Lonely Planet tourist guide.

Spiritual philosophy in India

The Ministry of Tourism of India promotes the country as a destination where one can learn about ayurveda, sidha and naturopathy, practices that not only reduce stress but help balance the body and mind.

devaaya retiro espiritual
devaaya spiritual retreat

Known as the luxury Ayurveda and yoga complex, Devaaya an Ayurveda and Nature Cure Center is located on Divar Island, Goa. Its programs are taught by Ayurvedic practitioners and represent the perfect balance between meditation and nature. The center offers other incredible amenities for a complete spiritual retreat, which includes a swimming pool, gymnasium, walking track and outdoor yoga pavilion; in addition to 60 rooms overlooking green rice fields and the Mandovi river.

devaaya retiro espiritual2
devaaya spiritual retreat

Guatemala and stunning views of Lake Atitlán

The hotel and retreat center Isla Verde is designed to preserve the traditions and local Mayan communities of Guatemala. There guests can enjoy peace in the middle of organic and leafy gardens, irrigated by recycled water that are flooded with aromatic herbs, avocado trees, coffee and lime. It has spaces for yoga, group retreats, spa therapies, guided meditation, salsa classes and poi dance … next to Lake Atitlán and, to purify the body, its restaurant offers fresh, local, organic and locally grown food whenever possible.

isla verde retiros espirituales
green island spiritual retreats

Prayers at the Abbey of Lérins, in France

abadia de lerins retiros espirituales
abbey of lerins spiritual retreats

The island of Saint-Honorat (belonging to the Lérins Islands), facing the Bay of Cannes, was founded by Saint Honorato in the 5th century. The abbey has since been converted into a wellness center that welcomes an important spiritual and patrimonial values, and is currently the property of a community of Cistercian monks. In addition to its guided tours of the monastery and the surrounding environment, it opens its doors to a different type of tourism, that offers prayer and spiritual retreats, and includes rooms for those who want silence, peace, rest, prayer and personal reading. Guests can participate in Mass together with the monastic community, in an idyllic setting of nature. Here there is never a rush.

A Finnish retreat

Want to run away from stress? The answer is simple! Head to the rustic complex Villa Mandala Manor & Resort, loviisa, near Helsinki to relax and destress. A Finnish adventure in which yoga and healthy food are essential, along with daily exercise, wellness conferences, Scandinavian super meals, digital detoxification and outdoor activities in nature, mixed with a touch of Finnish mythology and folklore. You cannot miss the unique treatments that the resort has to offer such as the sauna, bathing in the lake and therapeutic herbal baths. You will not want to leave!

Silence at the foot of the Mediterranean Sea

Wake up and see how blue skies meets the sea. It may be surprising that in a place with as much bustle as the Spanish Costa Brava, there are paradises full of calm. At Hotel Santa Marta, 5-star Grand Deluxe, you arrive at the beach by just going down some stairs. It’s like being outside of civilization: an exclusive natural landscape, surrounded by 17 acres of forest, hidden coves and cliffs. In this spa, you can expect a complete Thai massage, three Ayurvedic treatments and yoga classes.

Thailand, detox paradise

Samahita means centered and balanced and offers the integration of vitality and peace in your life. The best place to experience this is at Samahita Retreat, in Koh Samui, Thailand. Its detoxification program carefully balances the combination of activity, relaxation, therapy and Ayurvedic herbal diet, formulated to measure, abundant teas, broths and juices, vegetables and fruits, detoxification supplements and a combination of therapies and rejuvenating practices and detoxifying. 

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