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Esther Blum, the Accessible Guru Focused on Making Nutrition Fun

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Lose weight and focus on what your body needs with the help of clinical nutritionist, Esther Blum. Learn more about her unique approach to dealing with clients and how she helps them meet their daily health goals.

Esther Blum is not your standard nutritionist. She will not lecture you on different regimented and harsh programs that most people associate with the words lifestyle coach and nutritional plan. Instead, the author of two bestselling books “Eat, Drink and be Gorgeous” and “Caveman Don’t get Fat,” has developed a style that interjects fun into a sustainable long-term nutrition plan. With a rambunctious spirit and a unique mane of curly brown hair, Blum is always ready to crack a joke, teach you how to have fun and enjoy food while getting the health results you need.

In her practice, Blum never asks her clients to do things she wouldn’t do herself and is incredibly candid and authentic regarding her own life. In her b0oks, she shares her struggles of dealing with Epstein Barr Virus, insomnia and mercury toxicity, just to name a few. Having fought these conditions allows Blum to help her clients overcome their own struggles not just as a nutritionist, but as a coach. “People need to make one or two changes at a time,” she notes. “What’s really important is the emotional support that goes along with the nutritional process. People have to ask themselves not only what they’re eating, but what’s eating them inside.”

Esther Blum

You could say healing is in Blum’s DNA. She hails from a family of prominent physicians, but decided early on that she didn’t want to pursue the same path. Instead she enrolled in a clinical nutrition program, which, she says is the equivalent of “a pre-med degree minus a few rounds of physics.” After graduation, she worked in various hospitals over five years, treating patients with illnesses such as AIDS, diabetes and coronary issues. From there she would go on to discover that “a hospital is a jealous mistress” that leaves you with little time for anything other than work. As a result, Blum knew she wanted more out of life and decided to go in a new direction. After working with a holistic nutritionist, she opened her own practice. Soon after, she found herself working out of Dr. Perricone’s flagship store in NYC and began working with her current agent who represents the biggest names in health and wellness.

After she began to solidify her career as a health and wellness professional, Blum found encouragement from her clients to share her perspective and unique stories. Robert Craydon, a writer behind many of the late Dr. Atkins books, counseled her to write about what she knew. She promptly followed his advice and wrote about nutrition in a fun and engaging way, that was accessible to everyone.

Blum’s first bestseller “Eat, Drink and be Gorgeous,” was the result of 15 years’ worth of running a practice, which highlights her working with clients and having her finger on the pulse of what people are processing and what they need. “What people are craving is authenticity and feeling connected to other people,” she said. “My job, is to really help change lives and change the way people think about food.” In the end, Blum says, it’s all about helping her clients with the choices they make, the way they feel in their own bodies and getting people to feel better in general.

As a result, Blum believes and stands by the notion that a client is always the best person to determine what diet is best for their lifestyle and what makes them feel truly well. Compassion, savvy and being knowledgeable are part of the secret to her success in conjunction with letting her clients know that she is always there for them no matter what. This connection is what it is all about for Esther Blum. ■

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