Punta Del Este, Exclusive Beaches That Help Balance the Spirit

Veronica Boix

Yoga, massage therapies, meditation and ancient techniques to balance the body and soul, experience all of this and more in the relaxed and natural environments of Punta del Este, Uruguay.

While speed sets the pace in the big cities, some of us seek serenity as the gateway to a better quality of life. So we choose alternative paths —meditation, yoga or Reiki—to achieve equilibrium between body and soul. A vacation, a business trip or a few days of simple rest are the perfect reasons to visit these secluded areas in Punta del Este, Uruguay, designed with meticulous dedication for the purpose of achieving inner peace.Wellbeing in Punta del EsteVery close to Punta del Este, in Jose Ignacio, The Yoga Shack opened its doors in late 2013. A few steps from the sea, this studio- school, inspired by ancient Eastern traditions, offers a creative approach to wellbeing in a relaxed setting. This quiet and secluded space with large windows may be the pathway to mastering control of mind and spirit.Practitioners of these ancient techniques know that to achieve optimal goals it is essential to be in a serene atmosphere with a good teacher to guide them through the process. The Yoga Shack combines both requirements thanks to the years of experience of its founders, Isabella Channing and Maria Alejandra Calcaterra, who chose this quiet beach enclave to put their knowledge into practice.A massage therapist and wellness instructor with extensive training in the methods of Ashtanga and Anusara Yoga, Isabella teaches private classes in New York City, The Hamptons, and now in Uruguay. Meanwhile, Maria Alejandra has a degree in Physical Education and also teaches Ashtanga.

Wellbeing in Punta del Este

“We aim to provide a comprehensive practice of yoga as a life system, based on ethical principles, and guiding the internal and external exercises towards the search of an original and creative approach to life and wellbeing,” explains Isabella.

Together, both specialists manage this space, which specializes in human development, and are responsible for creating the perfect environment. They suggest tools that empower the individual in three different stages: at the physical level, the practice and teaching of asanas (yoga postures). In the emotional level, pranayama techniques, breathing exercises leading to the concentration of prana, or the energy contained in the breath within the organism; and at the spiritual level, the practice of meditation and relaxation.

Wellbeing in Punta del Este

The idea is to provide moments of rest, meditation and relaxation to visitors, who, after class, can sit and enjoy natural juices or a cup of tea on the wooden terrace outfitted with rugs, chairs and hammocks.

The lovely beach breezes, the caressing sound of the waves and the ancient therapies bring on the magic to this exclusive space where it is possible to discover how our thoughts influence our goals of true serenity. 

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