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5 Must-Have Clean Beauty Products for 2019

Kait Hanson

Natural beauty products are having a great boom in the media, and for good reason, but there are still those who are not ready to say goodbye to the products that they are used to. However, for those that are ready to make the switch, Paris Laundry offers a wide variety of products, from deodorants to makeup that do not include harmful chemicals.

After a shocking breast cancer diagnosis at 30, an entrepreneurial mom of 4 from Georgia found strength in education and launched “Clean Beauty Boutique.”

When Kelsey Bucci, an entrepreneurial mom of four, was diagnosed with breast cancer, her world was flipped upside down. Through treatment and recovery, she has become a fierce advocate for clean beauty and how important it is to make yourself both happy and healthy.

Kelsey Bucci
Kelsey Bucci, founder of Clean Beauty Boutique

“After being a military wife for 13 years I set out on a new path, one fueled by the strength I found through fighting cancer,” Bucci says. “Being diagnosed with cancer at 30 years old with no family history or genetic links made me question, how? So, I started to research. I was also being told not to use certain products while I was going through treatment. I thought, well, if I shouldn’t be using them now, then I probably shouldn’t be using them at all. As I was connecting with women in the breast cancer community, I realized that they had the same concerns for products as I did.”

In December 2018, Bucci launched Paris Laundry, a clean beauty and lifestyle e-commerce store where women can feel confident with real products, clean ingredients and elevated women’s basics.

Paris Laundry
Paris Laundry

“Clean beauty hits home for me. Learning that only 10% of breast cancers are genetically linked, leaves 90% of cases to the unknown, yet we know there are environmental causes. That is shocking! Especially when you think that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. And if we are all concerned with what we are putting IN our bodies, we should also be concerned with what we put on our bodies. There is very little regulation when it comes to the ingredients in skincare and cosmetics. It really is up to the consumer to do their research, advocate for their own health, and put good in to get good out.”

Rituall Hydrating Antioxidant Serum
Rituall Hydrating Antioxidant Serum

Clean beauty is having a major moment in the media — and for good reason — but there are still those who aren’t ready to say goodbye to old favorites.

Vanilla Mint Natural Deodorant
Vanilla Mint Natural Deodorant

“I wish people knew that clean beauty can also be glamorous,” explains Bucci. It makes you feel good knowing that you are using products that are not harming you. Natural, non-toxic products have come a long way as far as performance and being able to stand up to department store alternatives. I wish people knew just how many chemicals are in a single bottle of shampoo or the “secret” ingredients hiding in your deodorant. I know personally I had no idea until I was diagnosed with cancer. But there is a lot of research and data out there to show the benefits of switching to more natural products. You really can be green and glamorous without sacrificing your health.”

Rahua Shampoo Conditioner
Rahua Shampoo + Conditioner

Ready to make some healthy swaps this year? Bucci, shared her 5 must-have clean beauty products from Paris Laundry for 2019, which include: Vanilla + Mint Natural DeodorantRituall Hydrating Antioxidant SerumRahua Shampoo + ConditionerRose Lip Polish and Lab 38 Glow Powder.

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