Wythe Hotel Brooklyn: Style And Modernity in Williamsburg

Federico Tibytt

The Wythe Hotel is an emblem of the hipster neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. With a modern industrial design, the hotel maintains the carefree vibe of the area while providing all the sophistication and comfort we have come to expect from a New York luxury hotel.

The Wythe Hotel has become an unmistakable symbol of one of New York’s most fashionable neighborhoods: Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The hipster atmosphere that has invaded the world’s major cosmopolitan areas finds its highest expression here, near Bedford Avenue. The charming Wythe Hotel is a delightfully alluring combination of eclectic style and free-spirited vibes.

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Wythe Hotel.

Located near the East River in the intersection of Wythe Avenue and North 11th Street, the Wythe offers panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline and the murals that decorate the walls of the area’s old industrial buildings.

One of the hotel’s most famous attractions is the terrace bar called Ides. Terrace lounges have been one of the most entrenched trends in recent summers in New York. Guests can enjoy a live DJ, splendid views and delicious, exclusive drinks in an environment that exudes sophistication and style.

Famed restaurateur Andrew Tarlow was the first to identify the excellent potential of this US $32 million former industrial property. He envisioned the development of a boutique hotel that would include fine services following the indie/hipster style of the area, and he has been proven right. As you reach the corner, Tom Fruin‘s giant 50 feet high illuminated sign showing the word “Hotel” has become an emblem of the neighborhood.

wythe hotel, luxury hotels in brooklyn, new york city
— 1. Hotel Lobby.  //  — 2. The library.  //  — 3. Main dining room.  //  — 4. Views of Manhattan from the Wythe Hotel.  //  — 5. Guests at the bar.

The entrance is small and unassuming, with large windows embedded in high brick walls and a minimalist decor on the ground floor. The sleek, welcoming design brings one’s attention to a splendid retro library for the guest’s enjoyment and relaxation. The hotel’s Reynard restaurant is—during the day— a classic dining room, serving signature dishes made from carefully selected organic ingredients in a relaxed atmosphere. At night, it becomes one of the city’s most ebullient meeting places, frequented by artists and celebrities.

The spacious corridors leading to the rooms reflect the identity of the original 1901 factory building with brick-clad walls, polished concrete floors and ceilings revealing wooden beams. The rooms, meanwhile, offer modern and eclectic designs made from materials reclaimed from the old factory, such as rustic wood, polished marble, and the ubiquitous exposed bricks.

In marked contrast to the hotel’s industrial vibe, the rooms offer subtle and elegant details, such as Turkish cotton towels, organic perfumery or smart sound systems that allow the guests to connect their own devices and customize the environment.

The Wythe Hotel is a modern alternative that—from its inception—has captured the essence of the new Brooklyn-style, offering services that speak of personality and style without ostentation.  ■

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