Artesian Bar is at number one

New York and London Have The Best Bars in the World

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A curated selection of the world's best bars by Drinks International Magazine.


For the third consecutive year, Artesian, the bar at London’s Langham hotel, received the Polignac award for Best European Bar and Best Bar in the World. Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog, a traditional Irish pub in Manhattan, New York, came in second place and earned the distinction of being the Best Bar in the United States.

World's Best Bars

A total of 330 beverage industry professionals, including cocktail masters such as David Wondrich, Salvatore Calabrese, and Jared Brown, have produced the list of the 50 Best Bars in the World for the past six years.

The Top 50 2014 include bars in 27 cities in 14 countries. This makes it the most comprehensive guide for travelers who love wine and spirits. Europe has become the international epicenter of fine drinking, with 21 of the 50 top-rated bars. In addition to the nine bars in Britain, three German establishments caught our attention: Buck & Break in Berlin; Le Lion Bar de Paris in Hamburg, and Schumann’s in Munich. The Candelaria of Paris (ranked 17 on the list) is considered the Best Bar in France. The best bar in Italy is Milan’s Nottingham-Forest, which occupies the 15th place worldwide.

Other world cities— such as Tokyo or Buenos Aires— house some of the jewels included in this list. The wine bar Florería Atlántico, winner of the Botranal award for Best Bar in Latin America, is located in the Argentine capital. MeanwhileTokyo’s High Five, the ninth most valued in the world, is also the winner of the Torres Award for Best Bar in Asia.

For the complete list of “The 50 Best Bars in the World” refer to the official website of the event, which also includes a selection by regions. Following is the list of the Top 10 Bars in the World.

1. Artesian (London).
2. Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog (New York).
3. Nightjar (London).
4. Attaboy (New York).
5. Employees Only (New York).
6. Canon (Seattle).
7. The Baxter Inn (Sydney).
8. American Bar (London).
9. High Five (Tokio).
10. 28 Hong-Kong Street (Singapore).

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