W Hotel Bogota, A Legend Brought To The City

Ana B. Remos

W Hotel’s design is inspired by natural elements and the beauty of Colombian emeralds and gold.

Colombia’s ancient legend of El Dorado will serve as the inspiration for the new W Hotel scheduled to open in Bogota, Colombia this fall. The legend cries “mystery and beauty”, it narrates Pre-Columbian mythical tales when every time the indigenous Muisca tribe had a new Chief, the people would make offerings to their god by throwing gold, emeralds and semi-precious stones into the Guatavita Lake, located in the oriental side of the Colombian Andes. Many think that Colombia’s emeralds are the world’s most precious; W Hotel’s design will be inspired in natural elements and the beauty of Colombian emeralds and gold.

W Hotel Bogota

Following the W hotels style and combining the urban landscape with a pioneer design, the W Bogota is set to invite national and international travelers alike, describes Paul James, Global Brand Leader, W Hotels Worldwide, St. Regis and The Luxury Collection. “With easy access from New York and Buenos Aires, Bogota is transforming itself into a world class destination, and this is the perfect time to bring the iconic, cutting-edge lifestyle W brand to the city.” He expects the W Bogota to transform the hotel industry in Colombia like he assures happened in Chile or Mexico, when they opened. More luxury hotels and destinations.

W Hotel Bogota

The innovative design, created by New York’s own Studio Gaia will resemble the yellow emblematic butterflies from Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s literary Nobel winner “100 years of Solitude”. It will combine natural elements, created by Colombian artisans with lighting to give it a legendary essence. Reflections of gold will sparkle in the indoor pool, and the hallways will be dark tunnels with gold spirals to bring to life the “El Dorado Legend”.

W Hotel Bogota

With W Bogota, the hotel chain expects to become a social center for the city and a reference for art and style. The Chain bets on Bogota as one of their emerging travel markets, becoming like that, part of the ever growing chains of international hotels that are opening in the Latin American Country.

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