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A Tropical Beach In Germany And A Ski Resort In Dubai

Patricia Abaroa

A tropical paradise in the middle of winter and a ski resort under the desert heat. Tropical Island Resort and Ski Dubai are truly unusual vacation destinations in unsuspected places.

Ever thought you’d be able to ski in the Middle East or enjoy the beach in the dead of winter, in Germany? Both options are now totally possible, thanks to out of the box thinking by the brains behind Tropical Islands Beach Resort and Ski Dubai. The catch is, both locations are housed indoors.

A tropical beach paradise in the middle of winter

About 50 miles from Berlin, in Krausnick, inside a former aircraft hangar, Tropical Islands Resorts allows visitors the opportunity to sunbathe year round without worrying about low temperatures, cloudy days or rain. Lounging beach side with your toes in the sand is just the beginning since the resort offers a multitude of activities within its 710,000 square feet of indoor space. Included in the amenities, access to the culture, food, and architecture of exotic lands like Thailand, Bali and Borneo.

Unusual Destinations
Tropical Islands Resort.

It is even possible to get a glowing tan inside this magnificent dome as transparent foils let UV rays penetrate the lower part of the roof. The resort features gardens, restaurants and the largest indoor rainforest, home to 50,000 plants and 600 species. Those who enjoy the thrill of heights are treated to an 82-foot-high waterslide or even a hot air balloon ride. There’s plenty for children to do, too, with paddle boats, mini golf, bumper boats and bumper cars.

In the evening, guests can enjoy dinner in one of the many eateries spread throughout the resort, including Tandoor restaurant, carrying traditional Indian cuisine made in stone ovens. Unwinding is easy, whether at one of the four bars, or dancing to live music and DJs. Evening shows offer entertainment, including acrobats and trapeze artists.

Overnight accommodations can be arranged for different tastes: there’s camping on the beach in a tent, staying in a themed lodge (Africa, Safari or Asia) or the excellent suites, complete with sleek design and a rainfall shower.

Skiing in a city with a desert climate

If you prefer the cool weather and hot chocolate, you can head to Ski Dubai, where real snow is always at your feet. Located in Dubai‘s Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai allows visitors to ski, snowboard and go tobogganing year round. There is something for everyone, independent of his or her skills or experience in the ice. The center features five ski zones and the world’s first indoor black run. Professional instructors are on-site to guide and help first timers. Snowboarders can visit the Freestyle Zone to practice stunts as if they were on the Rockies or the Swiss Alps. Ski Dubai goes the extra mile and offers all guests use of winter clothing, as well as ski and snowboarding equipment.

Unusual Destinations
Ski Dubai.

If skiing or snowboarding aren’t your forte, but you still relish the snow, the Snow Park is the perfect location for nice walks or making snow angels. But if you associate snow with a cup of hot chocolate, two themed restaurants are available in this winter wonderland. The St Moritz Café is located at the entrance of the park, and Avalanche Café offers great views of the slopes.

A close encounter with Gentoo and King Penguins marks a recent exhibit at Ski Dubai, which offers guests a show titled March of the Penguins. There are also underwater viewings, and up close and personal meetings with the birds make a fun photo to carry home as a souvenir.

These uncommon vacation destinations offer guests the opportunity to enjoy perfect weather conditions, year round. Whether you favor the snow or the sand, both scenic locations offer a range of activities for the whole family. The best part of it all? Inclement weather will never ruin your day.

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