Ukraine’s Love Tunnel

Catalina López Zuloaga

A Ukrainian urban legend says that if two lovers make a wish in the tunnel of love, it will come true. Find out if this legend is true in this short article about the legendary tunnel.

In Ukraine, there is a local railway connecting the city of Klevan with some lumber processing factories. The locals call it The Tunnel of Love because of the spectacular foliage that envelops the tracks, created and perfected by the trains’ movements. The beauty and splendor of this natural tunnel are worthy of preservation on canvases and photographs.

Tunnel of Love Ukraine
The color of the lush vegetation changes throughout the day.

The vegetation tunnel covers a third of the way and its color changes from one hour to the next. When the sun reaches the zenith, the lush greenery shines with luster, but at dusk it looks like the magical entrance to a mysterious forest lit by golden colors. Photographers fall in love with the tunnel—no matter what angle they capture.

Interesting Facts about the Tunnel of Love

An urban Ukrainian legend says that if two lovers go through the tunnel and make a wish, it will come true. Most of the travelers that take this route are couples that come from around the world. We do not know if their wishes are met, but it is undeniable that the tour is very romantic and unique.

According to records from the city of Klevan, in old times there were three trains using these tracks, transporting materials or people from the factories to the city or vice versa. However, they stopped running, which allowed the forest foliage to grow around the tracks. Today, part of the route is still in operation with a private train that serves the same purpose of old.

Tunnel of Love Ukraine
The landscape around the Tunnel of Love is among the most beautiful in the world.

The nearly three kilometers of the tunnel are perfectly molded to allow the train to go through, and all branches escape unscathed. That is why it has that particular —shape, for no human comes along to prune the greenery or fix the passage.

This beautiful natural tunnel is considered one of the most romantic places in the world because —besides its particular combination of works of man and nature—the light and tree branches create a unique landscape of unforgettable vibrant colors. Couples feel— for a moment—that they have entered the space between reality and magic, or a bygone era.

Tourism in the Tunnel of Love

If you travel to Ukraine, take a day to visit the small town of Klevan, which has only 8,000 inhabitants, and ask locals to direct you to the tunnel of love. But remember to bring along your beloved and make a wish together— perhaps it will come true.  ■

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