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Three Unique Spanish Towns For An Ideal Getaway

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Valderrobles, Sos del Rey Católico and Sóller, three wonderful Spanish towns full of beauty and charm. Ideal for a weekend getaway in search of tranquility, natural beauty and history.

Spain, with its rich culture, history and gastronomy, is a country with much to offer (other interesting Spanish destinations). We invite you to travel to three wonderful Spanish villages renowned for their special charm and beauty.

The essence of tranquility

Three Unique Spanish Towns

This spectacular town, located in the province of Teruel, is home to an imposing castle overlooking a group of well-preserved stone houses. From the medieval bridge of San Roque, visitors can appreciate the beauty of the town and its surroundings. Valderrobles is a medieval village that seems to invite you to visit every street, every corner, every slope and its ancient cobblestone steps, offering a treat for the eyes and senses. A few miles away, in a pristine valley, you’ll find the hotel-restaurant La Torre del Visco, a farmhouse with a tower built in 1449 and surrounded by olive trees and rose gardens. The owners grow, in their land, the fruits, vegetables and olive oil that supply the restaurant.

Sos del Rey Católico
Living history

Three Unique Spanish Towns

In this town, Queen Juana Enríquez gave birth to the Infante Ferdinand, who years later would become, alongside his wife Isabella, one of the most famous Spanish monarchs. Its historic center is perfectly preserved and the town was declared Place of Historic, Artistic and Cultural Interest. Strolling these lands becomes a journey into the past through its churches, the Village Square and the Palace of the Sada family, where Ferdinand was born in 1452. The best hotel to enjoy the serene tranquility of this place is Parador de Turismo, perfectly integrated into the environment, with spacious rooms and an attentive and professional staff. Inside, the restaurant Five Villas is famous for its enviable views of the city. With an elegant décor that harmonizes with the medieval ambiance, the restaurant specializes in superb creations such as the Aragonese migas and the Aragón ternasco.

The Mediterranean at its feet

Sóller is a beautiful coastal town on the island of Mallorca. The valley and the surrounding mountains are a prime destination, especially for those who love nature or just relaxing. The lifestyle at Sóller is peaceful and tranquil in an environment of stone houses surrounded by narrow streets with small shops and outdoor cafes. In the outskirts, there is a luxury hotel with great rural charm and romanticism: Finca Ca N’ai, which will take you back to the roots of the regal Mallorca of the 19th century. Its rooms are decorated in the style of the times, and strolling through the gardens or sunbathing by the pool is a real treat. The best gastronomic offer town is undoubtedly the Lighthouse Restaurant; located on the harbor, with majestic ocean views, fine wines and excellent local seafood.

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