Yanqi Lake

The Sunrise Kempinski Hotel Shines Over The Chinese Landscape

Federico Tibytt

The attractive luxury resort sits close to the Great Wall and only 37 miles from the Chinese capital.

With the meteoric economic growth of recent years, China has built an increasing number of hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions that are reconfiguring the spectrum of hospitality services in the country. These new luxury alternatives were unthinkable less than two decades ago. The latest entry in this surge is the spectacular Sunrise Kempinski resort in Yanqi Lake, north of Beijing;s urban area. This superb 5.4-square-mile resort includes multiple luxury hotels, 14 restaurants, various spas, recreation areas, marinas and even a private island. It will open its doors in mid-January, 2015.

Sunrise Kempinski Hotel

But undoubtedly the jewel of this attractive resort complex is its striking central structure. The Sunrise Kempinski Hotel was designed by renowned Chinese architect Zhang Ao Hai in collaboration with a group of experts from different latitudes that brought to the project the latest trends in Western architecture. The result is a 318-feet tall building, full of symbols. Seen from the front, its oval structure evokes the rising sun, representing the prosperity of the country; from the side, the flattened design reminds us an oyster, a symbol of Chinese cultural richness; and the enormous entrance —like the open mouth of a fish—evokes the continuous success story of local development. Review our selection of luxury hotels worldwide.

The splendid building—which stands on the banks of the lake— is entirely covered by glass panels arranged at the right angle so the lower floors reflect the water of the lake, the middle levels reflect the surrounding mountains and the upper floors reflect the sky throughout the day. At night, these 10,000 glass panels are illuminated with LED lights powered by electricity generated from a hydraulic system.

Sunrise Kempinski Hotel

The world’s most advanced green technologies were applied in the construction of this building, including the use of 100 percent clean energy, water heating through solar power, safe treatment and recycling of domestic waste, and conservation of the grounds and water resources.

The “Hotel of the Rising Sun” has 21 floors and 306 rooms tastefully decorated. Its interior design, by the American DiLeonardo Design Studio, combines luxurious European-style furniture with purely oriental decorative details. The presidential suite stands out among the wide range of rooms. With 3,700 square feet, the suite boasts two bedrooms, a luxurious living room with a baby grand piano, dining room for 12 guests, private study and, above all, breathtaking views of the lake. The price for a one night stay is $4,500.

Sunrise Kempinski Hotel

The Sunrise Kempinski resort complex also features 12 small boutique hotels with a total of 178 rooms —an average of 14 rooms each— ideal for those who enjoy privacy and contact with nature.

This beautiful project, developed in just 24 months, is a source of luxury amidst the captivating Chinese landscapes, just 37 miles from Beijing, the capital: a new destination well worth visiting.

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