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A New Concept In Luxury Accommodations: Gibraltar Floating Hotel

Heike Söns

Sunborn Gibraltar is one of the world's largest yachts. Built to please, it boasts 189 rooms and all the amenities and exclusive services of a five star luxury hotel. Earlier this year, it was deployed to the waters of the Western Mediterranean along the coast of the tiny British territory. 

Gibraltar, one of Europe’s smallest and most appealing retreats, has a total area of less than three square miles. Perched on a rock overlooking the port of Algeciras, its charm emanates from the magnificent contrast between modern buildings, in the new part of the city, and historic constructions around the old town. Compared to destinations like Monaco and Singapore, this small British territory now offers an experience that goes beyond its buoyant economy, its climate or its views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Sunborn Gibraltar

Anchored in the urbanized coast of Gibraltar, dazzling and stunning, we found one of the world’s largest luxury yachts: Sunborn Gibraltar. This floating palace was originally built in Malaysia. Seven stories high and 470 feet long, the stunning vessel was conceived as a five star hotel. “There is no difference between the Sunborn Gibraltar and a five-star hotel built on land,” says Brian Stevendale, the hotel’s executive director.

The super yacht, already considered one of the grandest structures sailing the Mediterranean, could also herald a new trend in luxury accommodations. It features 189 rooms spread through 167,000 square feet. Each room provides spectacular panoramic views of the sea, the harbor or the Rock through floor to ceiling windows, which fill the interior spaces with the vibrant natural light of the Mare Nostrum. Most rooms and suites are equipped with spacious terraces or private balconies.

Sunborn Gibraltar

Guests access the ship through a glass bridge that runs from the Ocean Village Marina. The yacht boasts all the amenities and facilities imaginable, including a fully equipped gym, infinity pool, spa, conference rooms and recreational areas. The proximity of the water and the sea breezes that bathe the cabins create a unique environment that lifts the soul and make guests dream. Meanwhile, the common areas offer 360-degree views from restaurants, bars and from the gorgeous deck.

The two restaurants on board are always ready to meet your needs and whims. The intimate setting of the third floor restaurant is ideal for sampling a repertoire of international dishes while the restaurant on the main deck, right next to the pool, is a delightful spot to relax during the day, or absorb the glorious Mediterranean sunsets.

If you are interested in reaching the perfect balance of mind and spirit, be sure to visit the spa, a space hidden from the world, which offers exclusive treatments in a quiet and pleasant atmosphere.

Sunborn Gibraltar

Sunborn Gibraltar opened its floating doors in 2014, a new concept that addresses the limited space available in a small territory such as Gibraltar. Other glamorous city-states like Monaco and Singapore also suffer from limited capacity to accommodate the influx of foreign tourists.

There are plans for similar ventures in Barcelona, Spain, as well as in North America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Russia. And for the month of March, London will be on par with Gibraltar with the inauguration of Sunborn London, another five-star hotel “anchored” in the Royal Victoria Dock, near the London airport.

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