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Spectacular Suites: Luxury, Exclusivity And Generous Spaces

Federico Tibytt

The Penthouse Suite of the London West Hollywood in Los Angeles and the Geneva Suite of the Grand Hotel Kempinski in Geneva are among the most spacious hotel accommodations in the world.

The most luxurious hotel suites in the world are famous for their ostentatious decorations and bespoke services. However, there are a few that also excel by the very generous private areas available only to their guests. We can include in this category the spectacular penthouses of the London West Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles, USA, and the Grand Hotel Kempinski in Geneva, Switzerland, considered the most spacious in the world.

Vivien Westwood´s Penthouse Suite

The Biggest Suites

The London West Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles unveiled its new Penthouse Suite inspired by the work of the great British designer Dame Vivien Westwood, who created the space in collaboration with the firm Richmond Design. Considered the largest penthouse in Los Angeles, it has an area of more than 35,500 square feet.

The Biggest Suites

The two-level Vivien Westwood Penthouse Suite boasts a magnificent 6,500 square-foot living room. It features polished stone floors, modular sofas upholstered by the Westwood label, and impressive wooden wall shelves with mirrored panels of églomisé glass in the background. The center of the room is adorned with an elegant Tibetan wool carpet, emblazoned with motifs that evoke the designer’s iconic 1981 Pirate collection. Westwood’s seal is evident in every detail of this suite: from its two massive bedrooms to the entertainment room, dining room, kitchen and terrace. Conceived as the ideal venue for receptions, the new suite comes with a superb 5,000 square-foot terrace with capacity for 300 guests. It has a bar and outdoor kitchen, multiple areas for enjoyment, relaxation and fun with Westwood furnishings and, of course, unforgettable views of the city. The Penthouse Suite at the London West Hollywood Hotel is priced at $25,000 a night. The price includes unique benefits such as Westwood gifts for all guests and a private shopping session in the designer´s exclusive boutique in Los Angeles.

The Geneva Suite at the Grand Hotel Kempinski

The Biggest Suites

Geneva’s Grand Hotel Kempinski is the proud home of the enormous two-level Geneva Suite. It is the preferred place to host diplomats, international politicians and decision makers as well as influential tycoons because of its great security. It is equipped with bulletproof windows, closed-circuit surveillance, private elevator and a 24 hours elite guard team, making it an impregnable fortress.

The Biggest Suites

The Geneva Suite’s colossal dimensions are another attractive feature. With more than 37,000 square feet spread over two levels, the space includes three double bedrooms with bathrooms and closets. There is a conference room, game room with pool table, gym, cinema and office. Also, a fully equipped kitchen and private chef; a nursery with its staff; and living rooms with dining areas on both levels. The guests can enjoy stunning panoramic vistas of Lake Geneva from every corner of this opulent suite. Considered one of the largest suites in the world, the splendid penthouse of the Grand Hotel Kempinski is also the most expensive in Europe, priced at $51,500 a night.

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