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Song Saa: Paradise In A Corner Of Southeast Asia

Federico Tibytt

Song Saa, two private islands in Cambodia where luxury, respect for nature and care of body and soul come together in an idyllic environment.

Roy and Melita Hunter have transformed their two private islands in the pristine waters of the Gulf of Thailand into the resort of your dreams: Song Saa, a secluded, idyllic spot that worships luxury, sustainable architecture, respect for nature and, above all, the care of body and soul. In fact, the resort has gained praise and accolades as one of the best in the world by specialized media such as Conde Nast Traveler, Vogue and Tatler Travel Guide.

Song Saa Resort

Only 35 minutes by boat from the port of Sihanoukville, in Cambodia, the Song Saa private islands offer visitors the opportunity to stay in an earthly paradise where they can enjoy the tropical beauty of f Southeast Asia, ancient Buddhist traditions, and the area’s rich culinary heritage.

The resort consists of a series of bungalows or luxury cabins, designed and decorated by Melita Hunter. Some are set above the sea with superb views of the sapphire waters that surround the islands. Others seem immersed in the dense tropical forests that spring from the interior of the main island, and finally there are spectacular huts on the beach, offering utmost privacy and their own exclusive beach. Every cottage, or villa as they are called in Song Saa, features a private pool, Jacuzzi, and spacious rooms exquisitely decorated with local touches and subtle luxuries, evident in every detail.

Song Saa Resort

The dining experience at Song Saa is unequalled in the region. The resort’s extensive menu highlights delicious local cuisine and sustainable practices using fresh local products and farm-to-table produce. Each dish is an invitation to explore the flavors of Southeast Asia. The Vista Bar and Restaurant, surrounded by the sea, is an ideal place to stimulate the senses. There is also a beautiful infinity pool, where guests can taste traditional dishes and international cuisine while enjoying the sunshine and fresh breezes that bathe the gulf.

Song Saa Resort

And if you are in the mood for romance, the owners have created the Destination Dining Service, where couples can choose their favorite spots on the island for intimate, romantic dinners while and the Song Saa staff delivers the perfect evening.

Moreover, the sanctuaries and spa services, arranged along and across the islands, are available for the care of body and spirit. Out of respect for local traditions, the amenities are inspired by the precepts of wellbeing and personal care found in Buddhist philosophy, based on the fundamental premise of metta bhavana, or ancestral meditation, which predicates harmony, and love of the universe.

Song Saa Resort

All instructors are specialized professionals in each of the techniques. They combine ancient Khmer methodologies with traditional Ayurveda methods to clean the chakras. A number of shrines to practice yoga, meditation and other Eastern practices were designed specially for Song Saa, though conventional spa services are also provided, with massages, immersions and facials, among many other options.

Rory Hunter, Song Saa’s co-owner and CEO, devised an attractive and comfortable pricing policy called Always Included to provide his guests with an experience of total relaxation, an overall price for all the services offered at the resort. Once guests arrive, all they have to do is relax, unwind and enjoy the amazing experience at the Song Saa Resort, two islands, which could be called, paradise.

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