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Slow Food Silversea: Get To Know Tuscany’s Gastronomic Legacy

J.M. Towers

A luxury cruise introduces an adventure through the heart of Italy for lovers of culture, wines and haute cuisine with a three-night stay in a splendid hotel set amidst vineyards and olive groves.

Silversea Cruises Ltd. is a renowned Italian company that offers discerning travelers the choice of exclusive luxury cruises with customized packages. These trips are carried out in small vessels especially modified to reach the most exotic ports, outside the saturated conventional routes.

SSilversea Cruises: Slow Food

They are private and luxurious cruisers designed for a small number of passengers, who will enjoy more space and a high level of sophistication. The accommodations are considered among the more spacious offered today, and all have ocean views, butler service and private balconies.

Travelers who love Italy and its fabled culinary traditions should look into Silversea’s personalized programs. We are talking about the Slow Food Tuscany, an adventure onboard the charming Silver Wind or Silver Spirit vessels. The experience will take the fortunate tourists through the heart of Italy’s strongest gastronomic region.

In collaboration with Slow Food Italy, the luxury cruise company has designed a unique program of three days featuring the traditional culture and cuisine of Tuscany, a journey that highlights meetings with local producers of wine and other artisanal products identified with the philosophy of Slow Food, a movement originated in Italy, in 1986, which currently operates in every continent.

SSilversea Cruises: Slow Food

This philosophy opposes gastronomical standardization and introduces alternatives to fast food with the aim of preventing the disappearance of local culinary traditions, fighting the lack of general interest in nutrition, in the origins of food, its flavors and the consequences of poor diet choices.

The program is led by the kitchen staff of Silversea Cruises, always ready to give travelers expert advice and exclusive access to local producers committed to sustainable and responsible practices in accordance with the guidelines of the Slow Food movement.

During their stay, the participants (no more than ten at a time) will have the opportunity to visit a farm and enjoy an instructive walk through beautiful olive groves and vineyards, where they will learn, directly from the farmers, the secrets behind the making of some of the world’s healthiest products.

Always guided by the attentive, expert staff, travelers will become acquainted with some of he most interesting wines from Tuscany, as well as their different ingredients and the way they are cultivated. “It is a new concept, and we are probably the first ones to apply it. So far no one thought of an experience in which a ship´s kitchen staff would accompany and interact with travelers, both onboard and ashore”, explains Dario Mehta, Vice President of Silversea Cruises.

SSilversea Cruises: Slow Food

The experience begins in Rome and moves northward in the direction of Tuscany’s Brunello region, home to the Castello Banfi winery—producers of the finest and most elegant vintages in the area.

The program includes a three-night stay in the Hotel Il Borgo, located in a privileged spot surrounded by the vineyards and olive groves of the legendary Montalcino, a beautiful and historical town in the province of Siena.

A comprehensive tour of the Castello Banfi winery, and a full day excursion to vineyards, olive groves and farms that produce other traditional foods are also included, in this cultural experience, to delight the most discerning travelers in search of difference, distinction and luxury.

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