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Silver Whisper: One Cruise Ship, Five Continents And Many Cultures To Discover

Ana B. Remos

The Silver Whisper will sail the world during 115 days to visit 30 different countries and 50 unique destinations in all five continents.

In the 19th century, traveling around the world in 80 days, as Jules Verne suggested, was an inconceivable feat, even for the intrepid Phileas Fogg, the novel’s protagonist. These days, and with modern transportation systems, this could be accomplished in three days, maybe five at most.

Maritime giant, Silversea Cruises, has set to circumscribe the globe with the most discerning travelers in 2015. However, this will not be a speed challenge, on the contrary, the luxury cruise line is planning an amazing itinerary, where luxury tourists will travel the globe in comfort and style for a unique and unforgettable experience. They offer a 115-day luxury cruise sailing around the world and visiting 30 different countries and 50 unique destinations in all five continents.

The adventurous journey will depart on January 5, 2015. The Silver Whisper will sail from Los Angeles with 382 guests on board towards the South Pacific, where passengers will have the chance to explore the fabled islands of French Polynesia, before turning westward to Australia.

Silver Whisper

Later, the ship will travel north to reach the coast of China and explore the wonders of Southeast Asia: Viet Nam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. After absorbing the rich cultures of these countries, passengers will sail the Indian Ocean in route to Africa, not before stopping in the idyllic Seychelles. During this relaxing sojourn, travelers will gather enough strength to get ready for the discovery of the African continent. Silver Whisper will visit Mombasa, Zanzibar, Cape Town, Walvis Bay and Dakar, among other fascinating destinations.

The ship will continue the amazing journey across the Atlantic towards North America, with scheduled visits to the beautiful islands of the Caribbean: St. Lucia, St. Bart’s and Puerto Rico. Finally, the Silver Whisper will arrive to Fort Lauderdale, near Miami. There is also the possibility of continuing aboard the vessel to New York (3 days) or Southampton (15 days).

Silversea Cruises promises travelers the opportunity to immerse in the local cultures. The trip includes evening activities in cities like Papeete, Sydney, Fremantle, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Singapore, Mombasa and Cape Town. Guests will also have the chance to meet and interact with relevant cultural personalities at each destination, such as academicians, journalists and diplomats. In addition, they will enjoy in each country cooking demonstrations, accompanied by wine tastings and regional culinary specialties.

The lucky people that will stay all 115 days aboard the Silver Whisper will experience unique and unforgettable experiences, like dining under the stars in the Namib desert, enjoying a welcome cocktail and dinner at the famous Sydney Opera House, riding a vintage train through Sri Lanka to visit the Pinnawala elephant orphanage or have lunch in the gardens of the elegant and sumptuous French Residence in Cape Town with the Mesa Mountain as the backdrop.

At the end of the trip the passengers of the Silver Whisper will not be able to boast of having been around the world in record time, but of having made the journey in luxury and comfort and immersing themselves in exotic cultures. For as long as they live, they will remember the stunning landscapes and individual experiences, something that is only possible when traveling with ease and leisure.

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