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Seven Hotel

Ana Angarita

A hotel where dreaming replaces sleeping and all efforts ensure that guests enjoy a travel experience unlike any other.

Seven is a truly unique hotel. Creativity and design come together in this building located in the heart of the French capital, whose mission is to make your stay personalized and unforgettable.

Seven you don’t sleep: you dream. With that in mind, the hotel takes on the concept of dreaming and makes it as the central element of its design and general ambiance.

Suite Lovez vouz.

Very close to the
Latin Quarter and the lovely shopping streets of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, this modern hotel features 28 uniquely decorated rooms and seven captivating suites.

The splendid hotel bar.

The outdoor areas are as creative and stylish as the interiors.

The art of levitation

Five French architects, designers, and decorators:
Vincent Bastie, Sylvia Corrett, Paul-Bertrand Mathieu, Virginie Caue and Sandrine Alouf took the creative reins of this project and were given carte blanche for its realization.

Perhaps it is easier to dream in this hotel—part of the
Maranatha Group—because here you can find “levitating” beds and even bathtubs. The entire experience evokes dreaming while “floating in the air.”

Suspended bathtub.

Classic designer room.

Thanks to a clever play of light, chromatic atmosphere, and decorative elements, the guests will have the feeling that their bed floats in the Parisian sky. Also, visitors can personalize their stay by creating their own ambiance and scenery with the use of light switches.

The experience encompasses all the senses. At Seven, the flat screen TVs feature four olfactory channels. For example, while you watch images of flower fields, your room is filled with an exquisite aroma of roses or tulips, or perhaps while observing images of the Sahara desert, you can even smell the sand.

Suites where you can dream

Seven offers a variety of experiences in its suites. If you wish, you can pretend to be a secret agent in a spy-movie-inspired suite full of gadgets, where you will be steeped in a futuristic and playful space that is at once masculine and glamorous.

If you are a person who enjoys change and variety, there is no possibility of boredom. You may entirely alter the decor of your suite to suit your mood. With just one click you can transform your room from top to bottom.

An homage to the movie spy genre.

Secret agent suite.

Suite Charlotte.

Hotel Seven offers truly personalized experiences to satisfy the guests dreams.

Of course, the hotel also has a suite that pays tribute to the great Parisian cabarets. It is the perfect choice for those seeking a daring and exciting stay. Guest are surrounded by a sensual and feminine atmosphere where red and black are the dominant colors.

And if you are fond of jewelry, there is also a suite for you. It features a play of lights and shadows, the glass shower is carved like a diamond, the basin of the bathtub is adorned with Swarovski crystals, and different shades of black alter the textures and brightness of the different materials. creating the illusion of gemstones.

Seven is a unique hotel that offers multiple experiences to enjoy during a weekend holiday, a business trip, or perhaps a longer and special vacation.

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