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Salzburg: The City Of Music And Art

J.M. Towers

The birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is famous for the beauty of its streets, churches, squares and museums, as well as excellent hotels and gastronomy.

Salzburg is the fourth-largest city in Austria and the capital of the federal state of the same name. Its name comes from the barges that used to carry salt on the Salzach River in the eighth century. It is world famous for being the birthplace of the great musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but also for its charming streets, churches, squares, monuments, museums and parks, not to mention its excellent hotels and gastronomy.


In Salzburg, beauty surrounds and surprises the traveler almost without warning. As soon as we arrive, we are greeted by the impressive Hohensalzburg fortress dominating the landscape. In the background, we see the magnificent mountains and the towers of countless churches, whose ancient bells extend their sound over broad squares and narrow streets. More historic destinations in Europe.

Residences and buildings in Salzburg are so carefully maintained they seem newly built, but that is only an illusion, because they are centuries old. Some of them seem to emerge from the Mönchsberg Mountain, proudly showing their construction dates engraved on their thresholds.
Salzburg has a very active cultural life. In fact, there is always a poster inviting us to an opera or concert in its public spaces as well as its concert halls. In addition to the usual leisure activities, every summer since 1920 the celebrated Salzburg Music and Theater Festival takes place. For the occasion, thousands of fans from all over the world meet in Hofstallgasse street, where most of the participating theaters are located.


Another particular attraction in Salzburg is its refined cafe tradition, which dates back to 1700, the year when locals began coming to Tomaselli to enjoy its famous sweets and cakes. However, the best creampies are made in a little pastry shop called Schartz in Getreidegasse Street, where you can also purchase their famous Mozart chocolates. Nearby is the Grünmarkt market, where residents go to eat and drink local beers in ham and cheese stands. Moreover, there is the Schrannenmarkt market, next to Mirabell Square, a place for organic farmers and producers to present–every Thursday–foods that can be enjoyed on site.

Food is one of the main attractions of Salzburg, and the supply is ample. The restaurant Zum Strasserwirt offers the best traditional Austrian cuisine with a touch of sophistication thanks to the culinary skills of Chef Christian Sussitz, whose Tauern lamb shank and veal tenderloin are internationally famous. And finally, as a typical dessert, you must try the Topfenschmarn, a delightful hot dish made with eggs, flour, and Quark cheese.


One of the best accommodations in Salzburg is the Hotel Am Dom in Goldgasse No.17, with rooms named after famous Austrians. It is a small boutique hotel in the heart of the city, especially recommended for those who appreciate the beauty and value of good design.

Due to its rather small size, a leisurely walk allows you to see the most famous attractions in Salzburg in one afternoon. This magnificent city is surrounded by nature and full of history, with a charm that takes us back to the golden age and is still palpable in every corner.

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