The Most Elite Sailing Experience in The Greek Isles

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In the utmost magnificence of a celebrated journey across the Mediterranean sea, you can now explore the majesty and tranquility of the Cyclades chain of islands while indulging in the extravagance only the Entre Cielos brand can provide. Learn more here!

Can you genuinely relish the ultimate relaxation and adventure vacation in just one yachting experience? If your idea of paradise is cruising the Greek Isles in a historic sailing yacht fitted with modern luxurious amenities, then absolutely! The S/Y Entre Cielos is now offering an unmatched travel itinerary that could make Odysseus himself turn greener than the coast of Paros with envy. In the utmost magnificence of a celebrated journey across the Mediterranean sea, you can now explore the majesty and tranquility of the Cyclades chain of islands while indulging in the extravagance only the Entre Cielos brand can provide. The experience is sure to leave you feeling as royal as King Agamemnon.

Get Onboard the Greek Sailing Yacht Charter of a Lifetime

Entre Cielos Gulet
S/Y Entre Cielos

The S/Y Entre Cielos is a traditionally crafted Gulet, a legendary 104-foot twin masted wooden sailing yacht, which dazzles its guests with impeccable handcrafted beauty. Built in 2004, the yacht’s spacious deck was purposefully designed to deliver unimpeded 360 degree views of the crystalline blue Mediterranean sea. A commanding 30 meters long, the yacht is an ideal cruising vessel for harboring overnight along the coasts of quaint Mediterranean villages and in the shelter of peaceful Aegean lagoons.The five cabins are lavishly appointed with opulent amenities, which soothe guests with regal bedding, custom lounge furniture, and meticulously selected linens. To ensure your ethereal sailing experience isn’t free of modern conveniences, the yacht has been fitted to continuously produce WiFi, air conditioning, and hot water. Each room is named for a Greek philosopher, evoking sophistication akin to Aristotle, only to be thoroughly outdone by the palatial Socrates suite. The cabins and suite can accommodate up to 12 guests per voyage.

Take in the Scene while luxury sailing the Greek Isles

Entre Cielos

Should you find yourself feeling vigorous after a morning spent bathing in theMediterranean sun, the S/Y Entre Cielos is equipped with a variety of aquatic sporting equipment. How about stand up paddle boarding while moored in the shelter of Mykonos, in place of your regular pilates class? Maybe a snorkeling venture along the coast of Santorini where you just might spot the remains of 1000+ year old Amphorae? Whatever your pleasure may be, active or sedate, the yacht is designed to accommodate your ocean bound desires. If relaxation is your plan, sit back and soak up the full-board service from one of 12 prime positioned sun beds.For those which cannot escape their philosopher roots, or are simply feeling inspired by the ancient allure of the Aegean sea, this particular Gulet maintains an extensive library, not to be technologically surpassed by the yacht’s bluetooth enabled vessel-wide audio system, or portable computers. If your domestic duties are so strongly imbued you are unable to abandon them during your tenure at sea – not to worry – the S/Y Entre Cielos boasts the convenience of an onboard washer and dryer, outdoor shower, and fully stocked bar.

Exceptional Cuisine aboard the S/Y Entre Cielos

What is a luxury cruise at sea without the spoils of the ships galley? The genius’s who made voyages aboard the S/Y Entre Cielos a reality spared no expense in recruiting some of the finest culinary talent from across the Greek isles, specifically to indulge guests in the ancient flavors which have defined the Greek nation for thousands of years. The ship’s menus are painstakingly created by an on-board chef who designs locally sourced and pristinely fresh meals suited to your personal preferences.

Entre cielos food
Cuisine aboard the Entre Cielos

Daily breakfast features a delectable buffet of cheeses, fruits, and homemade breads. As the sun reaches its pinnacle in the sky at mid-day, the S/Y Entre Cielos’s chef serves a light two-course menu which evolves seasonally, including afternoon snacks, sensual libations, and a selection of top shelf (or top amphorae?) spirits. The three-course dinner is a voyage in and of itself – treating guests to an unforgettable food-based odyssey into Greek recipes, spirits, and local wines.

Greek Island Sailing Itinerary Planning

All sailing itineraries are created by the Captain, predominantly based on weather, customer preference, and seasonal opportunities to indulge in the very best of specific ports as they reach their prime. Weather is always a factor when traveling by sea, which often dictates exactly where the S/Y Entre Cielos may venture – that in and of itself lends itself to the excitement and majesty of the journey. Your seven-day sailing experience may begin with a journey from the Cyclades Islands, the Ionian Islands, or the Saronic Gulf Islands, known for their deep roots in Greek mythology.

Greece Cyclades Islands Mykonos Port Marina
Journey to the Cyclades Islands aboard the Entre Cielos

Depending on your preference or historical inclination, ports of call may include Athens, allowing guests to experience anything from expeditions to Greek architectural heritage sites to modern shopping districts. Mykonos is often the preferred port of call, as it’s legendary beaches and celebratory atmosphere have invigorated visitors for thousands of years.

When sailing for Santorini, expect to have your breath taken away by the ancient volcanos, vibrantly picturesque beaches, and the exquisite cliff homes which span the coastal horizon.

Luxury Sailing Charter Inclusions

The S/Y Entre Cielos currently offers winter and summer voyages, with low and high-season charter rates (starting at $30,000 per week). Off-season sailing voyages are also available, for those who prefer a more exclusive endeavor. Charter pricing includes all port fees and emergency insurance for 12 guests.

Inclusive with the weekly charter rate is the service of an experienced, courteous, and attentive five-person crew. While their duties are principally centered on delivering an outstanding hospitality experience, they are exceptionally knowledgeable about local customs, traditions, and tourism opportunities guests may care to enjoy while at port.

Sailing exclusively between May and October, reservations for a week-long charter must be made directly with the company. If the Saronic Gulf or Ionian islands call out to you, you can take the first step in planning your seafaring odyssey aboard the S/Y Entre Cielos by contacting the charter division directly through their website, or by emailing

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