Royal Penthouse Suite: Luxury And Sophistication In The Heart Of Switzerland

Ana B. Remos

Majestic views of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc from a secure and sophisticated suite in a magical city.

Designed and built to be one of the most spectacular hotels in Europe, the President Wilson hotel in Geneva, Switzerland, currently holds the distinction of hosting the world’s most expensive suite. The Royal Penthouse Suite is famous worldwide as the most luxurious and spacious, also for its price: $81,000 per night.

President Wilson Hotel

With an area of 18,000 square feet, this coveted penthouse covers the entire eighth floor of the hotel. It can only be described as spectacular. The suite is a stately guest apartment with a private outdoor terrace with Jacuzzi from which you can enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva. You will feel at home from dawn to dusk thanks to a staff devoted to satisfying you every whim, which includes private butlers, chefs, personal assistants and even bodyguards.

Sir Richard Branson, Rihanna and Bill Gates are among the personalities that have enjoyed the luxurious amenities of this suite, which include a billiard room, an elegant meeting room, fully equipped gym, private elevator, a Steinway grand piano, TV sets with exclusive Bang & Olufsen screens and Nespresso machines.

President Wilson Hotel

The suite is equipped with everything you need to feel at home. In addition, each of its 12 rooms has its own bathroom, and you can sleep with peace of mind knowing that your room is equipped with alarm buttons and bulletproof glass windows. Its two splendid dining rooms-one for 26 people, and another for 16–come with all the staff necessary to make each evening an experience of gastronomic delight, as it features a chef and a butler, responsible for providing whatever the guests fancy.

Completely renovated in 2010, the President Wilson hotel honors its place in one of the most expensive cities in the world with superlative facilities and finishes. In its 180 rooms and 48 suites, leisure and comfort are carefully provided in an atmosphere of luxury and refinement. Be sure to visit the L’Arabesque restaurant where you can taste the subtle flavors of haute Lebanese cuisine. For a more relaxed ambiance, try the Glow Lounge, which bathes in radiant reflections form the lake.

President Wilson Hotel

Among the amenities at hand, there is a world-class spa and beauty center devoted to pampering body and soul. Or if you prefer, the gym is open 24 hours a day.

The founders named the hotel in memory of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson and his efforts to promote the League of Nations, created as at the end of World War I. Built in 1962, this hotel has a privileged location in the financial and political heart of Geneva, only a few steps from the most beautiful parks in the city and five minutes away from the United Nations office and the Red Cross International Committee’s headquarters.

President Wilson Hotel

The only problem we can think of is that you may prefer to stay in this suite surrounded by luxury and sophistication, and leave the tour of the beautiful Swiss city for another time.

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