Rose Garden And Kasbah Tamadot: Two Luxury Resorts In Marrakech

Nicholas Sterling

Rose Garden Resort & Spa and the Kasbah Tamadot Hotel, two examples of luxury and good taste in Morocco's lovely city of Marrakech.

Morocco is a magical and ancestral kingdom with vast and varied amenities for luxury travelers. Its architectural beauty and stunning landscapes complement the friendliness and charm of its people—and also a remarkable cuisine.

If you are planning to visit Morocco, we suggest a sojourn to the former Imperial City of Marrakech, one of the kingdom’s most picturesque destinations. Located south of the country at the foot of the great Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is an ancient metropolis with stunning views of the snow-capped hills and surrounded by thousands of palm trees and green farmland. Founded in 1060, it was the capital of the Islamic Empire.

Today, Marrakech is Morocco’s most visited city, a place to lose oneself in the maze of streets, historic sites, town squares and gardens that make up the city’s layout. Its famous souk— a bustling and colorful market—boasts hundreds of small shops where the curious traveler can observe the painstaking work of skilled craftsmen and artisans, and feel the pulse of this vibrant part of Northern Africa. Review our curated selection of exotic hotels and destinations.

This Moroccan city offers a nice selection of first-class hotels. We’ll highlight two of our favorites located on the outskirts of town: Rose Garden Resort & Spa and the Kasbah Tamadot.

Rose Garden Resort & Spa


Located in Marrakech’s paradisiac palm groves and built in an octagonal shape, this hotel gives the impression of entering a small town with scattered houses where peace and relaxation reign supreme. The Rose Garden Resort & Spa is a five-star getaway just 10 miles from the center of town. Everything here—from the architecture to the cuisine— reveals an innovative blend of tradition and modernity. The different rooms, villas, and suites allow travelers to plunge into Morocco’s glorious past while maintaining all the comforts of the 21st century. The resort’s restaurant serves tasty and varied dishes seasoned with rich North African spices. You can also enjoy the relaxing spa and tennis amenities. If you are interested in other activities, the courteous staff will suggest exciting excursions to the beautiful Atlas Mountains, or perhaps a walk through the mythical city of Marrakech, where you will be captivated by the exotic nature of this ancient city.

Kasbah Tamadot


A short distance from the Atlas Mountains, we found the Kasbah Tamadot hotel, one of the most luxurious, select and praised in Morocco. Kasbah Tamadot—which means “gentle breeze” in Berber—is owned by British tycoon Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group. Branson decided to acquire the hotel after falling in love with its style and beauty during his hot air balloon journey around the world. The hotel’s delicate finesse is evident even in the smallest details of the 27 rooms and suites, all individually decorated with antiques and reflecting the beauty of Moroccan architecture and design. Also, nine luxury Berber tents located on top of the hill, provide guests with splendid views over the beautiful valley and the Atlas Mountains. The original and amusing mule trips through the beautiful mountain scenery is a spectacle to behold. The hotel’s restaurant—El Kanoun—serves delicious local and international cuisine.

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