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Residenza Napoleone Iii: Regal Luxury

Heike Söns

Residenza Napoleone III, more than a luxury hotel, is a traditional residence with privacy, elegance and service fit for royalty.

Rome is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It shamelessly shows her age with a distinctive dialogue between history and modernity that make it irresistible. One of its star hotels, Residenza Napoleone III, echoes the illustrious past of the Eternal City with superlative comfort. Located at Palazzo Ruspoli and described as a “super luxury palace”, this magnificent hotel was named in honor of Emperor Napoleon III, who lived in the palace in 1830.

Residenza Napoleone III

The stunning boutique hotel has only two apartment suites in a prime location on the legendary Via Condotti. The building, dating from the 16th century, became famous since it opened its doors as a hotel in 2002. The architectural value of the property is matched only by the idyllic experience it provides to its guests. Visitors enter the palazzo through the massive carved wooden gates and majestic Doric arches that decorate the entrance, giving an air of classic elegance to the entire place.

With glowing busts and sculptures of Roman emperors and glamorous touches of classic Roman style, the main steps leading to the private quarters dazzle with the brilliance of fine Italian marble.

Residenza Napoleone III

For the full experience, reserve the Napoleone suite. Its lavish decoration features oil paintings and sumptuous fabrics in a feast of colorful details and finishes. Carefully renovated, this stylish suite has recovered its original splendor, carefully preserved for the exclusive enjoyment of its guests.

With three impressive rooms furnished with fine antiques, artistically painted walls, tapestries from the 16th century and polished fine wood floors; this suite is considered among the most luxurious in Rome.

Residenza Napoleone III

The main room of the suite Napoleone is anchored around a poster bed dressed with the softest fabrics, which radiate comfort and invite relaxation. On the walls, a collection of paintings immediately captures the attention. The door to the stunning bathroom is carefully camouflaged.

Meanwhile, the Roof Garden Terrace suite, though less ostentatious, is equally impressive, boasting a splendid multi-level terrace. Located on the top floor of the palazzo, this room has one of the most majestic roof gardens in the world, with unparalleled views of the city.

Residenza Napoleone III

The staff at Residenza Napoleone III provides utmost privacy and discretion. However, staying here is definitely a different experience. Residenza Napoleone is not another luxury hotel, it is a “royal” home. Do not expect to find a restaurant or the traditional room service. Here, the experience is to live like a key, surrounded by lush beauty, elegant spaces, personalized service and meticulous service.

Briefly, Residenza Napoleone III is much more than a luxury hotel, it is the gateway to the world of opulence and good taste you’ve always dreamed about.

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