Peninsula Paris

Heike Söns

Housed in a 19th-century building in the French capital, the Peninsula Paris hotel recently opened its doors to offer one of the most imaginable luxurious experience. Located on Kleber Avenue, quite close to the Arc de Triomphe, this luxury hotel underwent a thorough renovation that took nearly four years.

Peninsula Paris Hotel

The building that houses the brand new Peninsula Paris was originally one of the most distinguished hotels of the Parisian Belle Epoque. When it made its debut in 1908, it was one of the few establishments with private baths in almost every room. During its transformation, its 400 medium size rooms became 200 spacious and beautifully decorated rooms and suites. Moreover, it now boasts six restaurants and bars, open terrace with magnificent panoramic views of the Parisian skyline, as well as various boutiques, spas, pool and a gym.

About 3,000 artisans and architects were required for the renovation of this iconic hotel. In addition, the building was equipped with the cutting edge technology that characterizes each of the Peninsula Hotels. See more travel articles here.

Peninsula Paris Hotel

Among the excellent amenities offered at the Peninsula Paris are 3D cinemas, diverse entertainment systems, video on demand, high-fidelity surround sound, high-speed WiFi, and multiple tablets pre-loaded with information about the hotel’s services and about the city (available in 10 languages).

Without a doubt, one of the factors that made the opening of the Peninsula Paris one of the most anticipated events among international travelers isthe excellent service offered by the Peninsula brand. The staff is equipped with smartphones that allow them instant access to the status of each room as well as the wishes and agendas of each individual guest. Another essential feature included in the new jewel of this hospitality group is their exclusive fleet of luxury cars. See more luxury cars here.

Peninsula Paris Hotel

The Peninsula Paris is the tenth venue of the Peninsula hotel chain, but the first in Europe. “We are very excited to welcome our first guests,” said Nicolas Béliard—General Manager of the Peninsula Paris—during the inauguration. My staff and I have seen this project evolve from a lifeless building to a workspace and finally to the magnificent structure it is today. We have worked together to bring new life to this historic building.”

Just a few weeks after its debut, the Peninsula Paris could be considered the most luxurious and exclusive hotel in the City of Light.

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