Paul Gauguin Cruises: Sailing The French Polynesia

Ana B. Remos

Paul Gauguin found paradise on Earth when he landed on the islands of French Polynesia. One of the most emblematic painters of the post Impressionist Parisian scene, Gauguin set to escape from the constraints of what he called “artificial European civilization”. His paintings of exotic Polynesian beauties, created during his years of “self-imposed exile”, helped to bring the world’s attention to Tahiti. More than 100 years later, you can enjoy the same experience and discover the essence of these faraway islands aboard the elegant Paul Gauguin cruise ship. The trip promises to be a worthwhile, unique adventure.

Paul Gauguin Cruises: Sailing in French Polynesia

Particularly designed to sail the seas around Tahiti, French Polynesia and Southeast Asia, this five-star cruise offers a distinct setting with the refined atmosphere of a private yacht. Its premise is exclusivity, and one of its many benefits is that it has the capacity for only 332 passengers, who will receive personal attention from the gauguines, a specialized team of 200 Tahitians, carefully selected to cater to its discerning guests. The jovial, warm and knowledgeable staff is always ready to fulfill the company’s motto: “the smile is included in the price.”

Guests will enjoy the services of a personalized butler, devoted to providing maximum comfort and meeting all the wishes of the ship’s guests. The first class assistant is always attentive to every detail: from the champagne, beautiful floral arrangements and fruit baskets, to special orders when the traveler arrives at the port. In addition, room service is available around the clock.

Paul Gauguin Cruises: Sailing in French Polynesia

After exciting days in exotic beaches and marinas, beautiful islands and coral atolls, the travelers return aboard the Paul Gauguin, to its luxurious cabins and suites, all elegantly furnished. Once there, they will find themselves immersed in a relaxing, private environment to unwind with all the comforts of a high-end hotel, including a minibar, TV with several movie channels and spacious bathrooms equipped with shower and bath. The suites of the Paul Gauguin feature panoramic views of the blue waters of the South Pacific and private balconies to take in the ocean breezes at dusk, when the sea turns golden and magical hues of pink and purple take over the sky.

The most demanding gourmands will have nothing to worry about. They company promises unforgettable dining experiences at the ship’s three restaurants: La Veranda, Le Grill and L’Etoile. Their award-winning chefs are known for preparing exquisite international cuisine with exotic accents and excellent presentation. But if the guests prefer a romantic dinner for two, they have the option of a private dinner on their cabins or wherever they fancy at no additional cost.

Paul Gauguin Cruises: Sailing in French Polynesia

While you are at sea, communications, a necessity inherent in the modern era, will not be a problem. From the comfort of your cabin or suite, you can make direct calls and have wireless Internet access. The ship also has computer equipment at the on board Internet cafe.

Flirting with the sea has never been more fun. The Paul Gauguin has a retractable platform located at the stern, designed to offer passengers the enjoyment of water sports. Diving in the pristine waters of the Pacific, amazing ports of call, surfing or kayaking are some of the various options available.

This tourist destination promises refinement, comfortable elegance and exoticism in a private, secluded environment without the inconveniences of large crowds, so prevalent in other cruising experiences. Your sojourn through French Polynesia, and specially your stay in Tahiti, the island that bewitched the post-impressionist master, will be a unique, unforgettable experience aboard the cruise ship Paul Gauguin.

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