“Passport To The World”: An Exclusive Journey Around The World

J.M. Towers

Traveling around the world has probably been in your wish list for a long time, but never did it because you thought it was an adventure that would take too much of your time and extreme logistics. Now, three companies devoted to exclusive super luxury tourism have joined efforts to make your dreams come true. Two of these companies belong to the aviation business, and the third to the preferred travel industry. The project Passport to the World was conceived precisely for busy people wanting to see the world in luxury and comfort.

Passport to the World

Passport to the World is a $1.5 million per passenger travel package, offered by Flexjet and Jet Solutions airlines, along with Abercrombie & Kent, a celebrated provider of luxury travel. The three companies created what can be described as the most spectacular holiday package in the world, an unbeatable offer that will enable eight tourists to visit seven cities in 14 days, flying in a private Challenger 605 mega jet.

The lucky tourists will visit, for example, the Kiyomizu-dera temple in Japan, the Forbidden City in China, Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, the Taj Mahal in India and the Topkapi Palace in Turkey, to finally end in Paris. No doubt it will be a very pampered trip for the very select elite.

One of the many attractions of this adventure is the comfort of transferring, in luxury, from place to place. “Traveling in a private jet allows you to visit some of the places recognized as a World Heritage Site in just two weeks, which under normal circumstances would be difficult to do in so little time,” says Geoffrey Kent, famed explorer and founder of Abercrombie & Kent.

The wellbeing of the travelers is guaranteed, as the Challenger 605 is well equipped: Wi Fi, comfortable leather chairs that can also turn into beds, and tables and windows larger than usual. In addition, the expert crew— specially trained for the occasion— will remain with the group throughout the journey, getting to know each traveler´s preferences and anticipating their needs inside and outside the aircraft. Abercrombie & Kent will help as much as possible with immigration and customs paperwork to maximize the time devoted to enjoying each destination.

Passport to the World

Furthermore, the special characteristics of this exclusive luxury travel package include accommodation in the best hotels in every city, and dinners at Michelin-starred restaurants. It also provides private cruises and exclusive visits to art museums, which will open outside regular hours especially for this lucky group.

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