One & Only Hayman Island Resort: The Australian Paradise

Federico Tibytt

The famous resort underwent an $80 million renovation, featuring the work of renowned designers and architects such as Diane von Furstenberg and Kerry Hill.

it was discovered, Hayman Island is synonymous with luxury,
tranquility, beautiful scenery and exquisite cuisine. In this idyllic
setting, Reginald Ansett, an Australian aviation pioneer and
owner of the island, built a resort in the mid-twentieth century. Since
its inauguration, and through numerous renovations and upgrades,
celebrities and royals have been in love with its exuberant nature.
Considered a jewel among the most exclusive destinations in the world,
since 1987 the resort has is included in the prestigious list of luxury
hotels The Leading Hotels of the World.

The famous One & Only Resort in Australia’s Hayman Island has been upgraded to highlight the exclusive services and upscale amenities it offers to its guests. The $80 million renovation features the work of renowned designers and architects such as Diane von Furstenberg and Kerry Hill.

One & Only Hayman Island Resort
Hayman Island.

Currently, the resort is divided into three sections, each with its particular style. After the restoration work to upgrade the complex, the number of housing units has been significantly reduced to offer guests a greater degree of comfort, privacy and exclusivity. Of the original 209 rooms, today the resort offers only 160 units.

In the Hayman wing, the suites range from spacious single units to spectacular penthouses of two and three bedrooms, all designed by the celebrated Diane von Furstenberg. The bold interior decor is a contrast of black and white, and the rooms are framed by towering windows with impressive panoramic views.

Outdoors, a spectacular infinity pool takes center stage, surrounded by exquisitely furnished apartments perfectly suited for families, and allows easy access to the rest of the resort amenities.
The beach is within walking distance from the rooms, but the cottages and beach villas, carefully designed by Kerry Hill, have exclusive access to the beach and to small private pools. The resort´s restaurants serve international and local cuisine, and the spa offers a complete menu of relaxing treatments. Additionally, guests can enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities, from kayaking and snorkeling to golf, tennis and fishing, among many other options.

With rates between 1,300 and 10,000 dollars a night, the One & Only Hayman Island resort is the perfect opportunity to enjoy an earthly natural paradise without sacrificing the comforts and whims to which we are accustomed.

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